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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


76. Bethany

Harry's POV

FINALLY! I had gotten somewhere. Lucy has got a cousin in Manchester who is 19, female and called Bethany. She is engaged to Oliver Suckle and they are planning to get married on January 1st next year. Ooh, a wedding. I did find more cousins but Bethany seemed the most reasonable. They might be able to co operate with each other. And if they don't, then fuck her. Not literally, but you get the idea.

I really hope Ed doesn't try anything on with Luce again, other wise, our friendship is over and so will be his life. I'm serious now. Lucy has given me so many chances I've taken for granted. One last chance might be all I'll ever get again. I need to make this last and work. 

I found the number for Bethany, her land line one, but I don't know what to say when I call up. 'Hello is this Bethany Mai? Yes, I'm Harry Styles and I'm just calling you on the behalf of your cousin Lucy to arrange you two to meet each other and catch up on all the family things that has happened the last 6 YEARS YOU FUCKING ABANDONED HER!' Because that would go down really well. My mobile phone lay tormentingly in front of me on the table. It's screen unlocked and the number already typed up. Just one more button to press and the phone will ring.

Wait. Why am I so anxious about this? 

This is all for Lucy. About Lucy. And might just help her reunite with her family. 

Oh for goodness sakes, I think and pick up the phone, pressing the green button without another thought. No answer the first time. Oh come on! She has to be awake. It's 3pm. Crap. I haven't slept in over 24 hours. Shite. I am so awake myself though. Eh, whatever. I call up again and there's an answer on the fourth ring.

"Hello?" A petite voice answers. She sounded nice so far... 

"Hi, is this Bethany Mai?" I asked nervously. I've never liked phone calls. I can't normally understand the person on the other end.

"Erm.. Yes it is. Who is this?" She sounded anxious too. Curious also, but who wouldn't be?

"This is Harry Styles." I winced as nothing happened. I couldn't even hear her breathe, oh shit. Have I killed her? No you idiot! How can you kill someone like that?

"Uh... What do I owe ...the pleasure... Of this call?" Bethany trailed off. Well, what else can she say? 

"This is about your cousin... Lucy...?" 

"What about her?" Bethany asks quickly. 

"Ermm... I was wondering if you two would like to.. You know... Meet up soon?" Gosh, I'm so stupid. Why would I even think this would work? I don't even know Bethany! The two girls might actually hate each other!

"Why would you want that to happen?" She asked almost nervously but afraid. Why is that? Has she got something to hide? Does she know something? Gah! These are the type of questions that annoy me.

"Because I want to know why you didn't let her into the family and I want her to be happy with her real family. She's gone through quite a lot and I am only hoping that being with the people she should love most in the world would fix that." I explained.

"You think that throwing her back into the family that caused her all the pain will stop it?" Bethany asked as if I was stupid.

"No. Not the entire family. If we can just get the reasons why she was abandoned, then she can live a lot happier. Guilt free. That's why I phoned you... Please. Just meet up with her and explain face to face. You may even like her. You and her could become close and she mighth feel like she has a proper family again... Please.... Please just do this for her." My voice was sincer and weak. I wasn't like this to try and make Bethany feel guilty. No. I really wanted Lucy to feel better. Seeing her sad and alone makes me want to run up to her and hug the life out of her. 

"I... Harry, do you have any idea why we left her?" Bethany said.

"No. That's why I want you to tell Lucy." 

"Not what I asked. Do you have any idea why we left her? Not Lucy. You." 

"... I haven't thought of it..." I trailed off. What a twit! Of course I hadn't of thought of it. Why?! I am a HORRIBLE person. 

"Exactly. If you don't know, then why should Lucy?" 

"Okay okay okay. Why did you leave her then?" I ask and Bethany starts telling me. From the start to a week after the robbery. And at the end of it all, I was more than ready to go find the rest of her family and shoot the fuckers myself...

"Now do you understand?" She asks.

"Yeah... But it would be better if you could come down and tell Lucy yourself. Please? For me?" 

"Fine. When and where?"

"In two days, prefably my house? I'll text you the address if you want." 

"That's a little short notice, but I can do it." A let out a sigh of relief and shift myself off the sofa. 

"Thank you so much, Bethany. I really really appreciate this. And, please, don't tell anyone about this? If this doesn't work out, then, no one else can know and we can forget."

"Okay. Goodbye."


a/n I am so sorry for not updating for like 3 WEEKS! Gah I am a horrible person. But I have finally got a laptop! So expect more updates :)

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