Listening To The Silent Lyrics

What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


78. Awkwardness

Ed’s POV

I close the door to Lucy’s room and stall myself for a few moments to let out a shaky breath. What was I thinking?! Kissing her like that?! God I am so stupid. That must’ve ruined out relationship even more than before now. She might know that I fancy her still. Oh crap. What have I done? Just stop thinking about that, Ed. You have to go soon.

I walk down the stairs and into the living room where I lay on the sofa in not only silence but my misery. I have to stop doing this. The lying. The love. The blackmail. It all needs to stop. I can’t think straight anymore. I can’t sleep. I can’t be me without thinking that Julia will set me up for some more torturous task. That’s right. You heard me. Julia. She’s out. Bailed by Simon. Of course, he did it secretly. Only the prison knows she’s gone. Plus Simon and I. That’s all. I hope. She’s threatening me. Blackmailing me. She said that if I don’t do as she says, not only Lucy gets hurt, but my family and friends too. She’ll leak all my secrets to the press through another person. She wants to ruin me. That’s all I can think of. She is out to get me for some unknown reason. And it’s driving me CRAZY! Why is she doing this to me?

Why does she want to hurt Lucy so much? Everything I am doing, is to protect her. But it’s only going to hurt her when she finds out. I can’t let her find out. She won’t. However she has a right to know. Therefore, I will tell her. Only if tonight goes wrong.

The clock strikes twelve and it’s my cue to go. I run to my room and change into warmer clothes. It is going to be freezing outside. I walk to Lucy’s room. Oh how I wish it could be our room. I silently open the door, not a creak made. There she is, safely asleep and warm in the bed. “I love you.” I whisper just loud enough that it may reach her ears. Haha, you are a funny person, Ed. Like she’ll ever like you.

Yeah… I have no chance. But I’ll never stop loving her. Or protecting her, meaning I should be going soon. I can’t upset Julia for being so late. I grab my coat, put in my trainers by the door and leave. The city outside is cold and lonely. No cars are running, few people out and about. I walk to the corner of the road and see the man who is meant to be leading me to the place I’m meant to be. He is long and lanky, dressed in a long black coat with a hat pulled over his eyes. He pulls a cigarette from his mouth and blows into the crisp air.

I walk up to him and mumble a short ‘hello’. He replies with a grunt and throws the cigarette butt to the floor. “Shut up and get a move on. I’m freezing.” He grumbles and starts walking at a fast pace, making me have to jog to keep up.

I’ve never known London to be so quiet, yet so beautiful, I think to myself as I walk through a park. Jack Frost must’ve been here, the grass is white and flaky. I loved Jack Frost as a child. He always made my Christmas when it didn’t snow. His effort was the closest thing we had got.

We stopped in an ally way. Apparently, we had to go through the back door or else it would ruin the surprise for the audience. The man told me to wait outside the door while he sorted everything out. I hope he is fast. It’s cold out here.

I let out a sigh a few minutes later when there is no sign of him. Ooooh, dragons breath! You know, the puff of smoke that is there in the cold icy weather? I love that stuff! It’s awesome, and cute on little kids, when they have their overly large coats on and their noses are bright red. Ahhh, those were the days.

I hear a small creak come from behind me, but before I know it, I’m out. 


All I can hear is cheering. Lots and lots of cheering. It’s loud and hurts my head. I open my eyes to find darkness. Where am I? I thought I was just standing outside. How did I get to where ever the hell I am? I groan and move my neck until it clicks. “Ladies and gentlemen! Our first contester is awake! Give a round of applause to the only and only Edward Sheeran!” Some male voice yells. Probably into a microphone. More cheering corrupts my thinking and my head starts pounding. What the hell did they hit me with?! A brick?

I struggle to move my hands around and feet around, only gaining laughs from the audience. So is this what Julia meant by “it’s going to be loud and painful”. It sure is both at the moment.

I give up on the struggle. I am not going to get anywhere at this rate. I need to save my energy for the ring. Yes, I gathered that I have to fight. From the things that the audience were shouting, I knew right away. I just don’t want for it to be with someone I know. If I lose, I’ll never see the end of it. If I win, I will feel guilty and probably lose complete touch with him/her.

“LOOK WHO IS FINALLY WAKING UP!” The same man screams down the mic, making my ear bleed. “Corners, take away the bags!” Suddenly, a bright white light fills my vision and I am faced with the waves of the crowds. I squint to see who I have to fight. In a far enough corner opposite mine, is sat the one person I least wished to see me, and probably ditto for him. Harry flacking Styles. I MEAN WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS JULIA DOING TO US! IS SHE TRYING TO RUIN OUR FRIENDSHIP EVEN MORE THAN SHE HAS ALREADY?

Harry is in the same situation as me. Tied up to a wooden chair, no blumming clue what to do or say and as devastated as me. We share a knowing look and it stays there for a while. I can’t back out. But I can’t lose. What is Julia trying to pull over? Both of us are probably here to protect Lucy. So if I win, does Lucy still get hurt because Harry lost? Or not? GAH I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!

“HARRY STYLES VERSES ED SHEERAN! WILL THE BEST FRIENDS BECOME ENEMIES AFTER THIS BRUTAL FIGHT? THE WINNER SHALL BE DECIDED BY WHO FALLS TO THE FLOOR FIRST!” I look over to where a man stood dressed in a referee’s top and black jeans. He held a microphone in his hand while using the other to exaggerate words. What a dick.

I feel my hands go loose and I rush them in front of me. They aren’t damaged thank god. That would take explaining to Lucy. Harry copies me. However, his wrists have a dark circle around them, they look horrible from a distance so what do they look like up close? I undid my feet and stretched out. How long had I been out it can’t have been that long. I look to my pockets to reach my phone but there is just one problem. It’s not there. And neither are my pockets. Instead, I am wearing … leggings? What the fuck? My top has changed to a orange top with a big ES on the front.

… no comment …

“Let the round begin!” The same man yells and runs off to the side of the ring. He steps through a fenced door and shuts it, locking it after. The crowd chants for us to begin the fight, but we stand in the cage like melons. I don’t want to hit him!

But he has other ideas.

I am charged at like a bull by Harry who looks beyond pissed. In the crowd I see Julia sat in the front row, smirking to herself at what  a fucking masterpiece she has made. I hope there are no cameras filming this. “Harry! Stop!” I yell as he gets closer. I start to run away to the corner he was in, scared shitless.

“HARRY! PLEASE! WHAT’S GOT INTO YOU?” I shout to him as he turns around and faces me with a expression as cold has ice. Ouch, that got me.


“I NEVER MEANT FOR THAT TO HAPPEN! I AM SORRY!” I cry as he lunges at me, throwing a punch into my jaw. Holy shit that hurts! I bend over, clutching my face and ignoring the cheers of the crowd. “HARRY! STOP!” He starts to hit my stomach and back. I fall to the floor.

I can’t let him win! But he is my friend. Or, was. I stand up, clutching my hips. I grab the fist that he is about to inflict on me with. I pull it around him, behind and up so that he is restrained. I knee his back which makes him groan in pain. I cringe slightly but keep in the tears. I let go of Harry and he falls to the floor in a pile. I feel like I should stop. Like I should help him up and apologize, but I can’t. The adrenaline has reached me and I’m invincible, immune to the outside world.

I kick Harry anywhere I can. All my anger, all my pain – gone just like that. It felt good, really good. A few more kicks to where I can get. I think I hit his face… oh well, no one will miss it. A few to the ribs and I am done, for now. I pant and look to the crowd, they cheer and smile, chant my name. IF winning feels this good every time, then I am so going to never lose again.

I look to Harry, bruised and broken on the floor. His nose bleed and his knee was cut open. Did I really do that?

He tries to push himself up with a wobbly arm which breaks under his weight. I laugh mockingly at him which gains a glare from him. “1...2…3…4…” the microphone man yells. Harry doesn’t move again. “..5…6…7…8! YOU’RE OUT!” He screams and the crowd roars with glee. What did they have against Harry? 

The man enters the cage again and runs to us. “THE WINNER IS… EDDY BOY SHEERAN!” He shouts. My hand is raised up by the mic guy and I pant out my steam. I didn’t have time to feel the guilt of nearly killing Harry. Something is stabbed into my arm and I’m on the ground, out as well.


Although I am out, I can feel myself moving. And I can hear what these people were saying. Yet, I couldn’t open my eyes or think for myself. It is like I am paralyzed. All I want to do is get home and sleep. I am in so much pain. But it won’t be as much as Harry would be in. I really did get him. I need to take my anger out on something else, and not a person. God, it sounds like I need anger management classes or something. However, I have been waiting so long to get all that frustration out of me. It just… went.

“Hurry up and get ginger home. I don’t want him suing us.” A man growled. I do have a name! “We haven’t got long before he wakes up. 30 minutes max.” I felt a pair of arms wrap around me, lifting me off the ground.

“Christ, he’s heavy!” Exclaimed a different man. Well that’s not rude at all.

“Don’t worry about getting him home.” A new voice said. Julia. “I’ll take it from here. There’s a car outside waiting for him. Pull him into there and then you can go home.”

“Yes, ma’am.” The first man said. What a suck up.

“Good boy, Clinton. I will make sure to pay you later. I hope you enjoyed the fight.”  Said Julia.

“Best one yet, by far. I’m sure as hell that those two won’t be speaking to each other again.” Laughed the first man.

“I hope they hate each other.” The man holding me said.

“Well, there’s more to come. I’ll call you up at give the details of the next fight.” Julia chimed, adding a little chuckle at the end. Since when did girls chuckle? I thought they giggled. But that was most definitely a chuckle. I am sure of it.

“See you again soon, ma’am.” The first man said and I am being dragged away. Not helping with the bruising so much. I wanted to shout at the man. Yell my head off until he passed out, but I can’t.

When I have finally stopped moving, I am outside. The air is cold to the touch. But it is not as cold as before. What time is it? Have I been changed again? I don’t know! It’s warmer than before, that’s all I know.

A door is clicked open and I am put into a car (I know because of what Julia said and the fact that it is warm, the radio is playing on Tone FM and I can hear the air conditioning blasting through the car). “Stupid, pathetic Edward. He won’t know what has hit him when I’m finished with this scrawny piece of shit,” Julia says, patting my head. Whatthefuck?

That’s not very nice. All I have done today is basically been insulted. Why do people hate me so much? I can’t really be that bad, can I?

I start opening my eyes to find that I am sat up straight and Julia is only a seat away from me. I groan and hold my head, squeezing my eyes tightly together. “What are YOU doing awake?!” Julia screams in horror.

“Owww… please don’t yell.” I open my eyes to see Julia’s disgusted face. What is she doing being disgusted by ME? I should be slapping her with a fish right now after everything she has done!

“Sedative now!” She carries on yelling. An arm comes from around the front of the car and before I know it, a needle is being injected into my neck and I’m out. Why does this have to keep happening?


A/N warning, book will be ending in about 3+ chapters. I've got it all figured out. 

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