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What happens when your ordinary life turns into a drama? What happens when your dreams become true and you meet the love of your life? Well this is it for 16 year-old Lucy Mai. But this is no fairy tale. This is real life.


26. After

Mya's POV (this feels weird ;3)

Niall and I sat together at home watching The Voice UK when my mobile phone rang. Who could this be? It's nearly 11 at night. "Sorry, Ni." I say, getting up from our cuddling position on the settee. 

"It's fine, princess." He smiled and I went into the small kitchen area where my phone lay. The caller ID was unknown. This is just weird. 

"Hello?" I say.

"Is this Ms Mya Laing?" A woman asks. She sounded friendly. 

"Yes, speaking. Who is this?" 

"My name is Jane Harris. I work at The Princess Grace Hospital." 

"What's this all about? What's happened?" I ask frantically. I motion Niall over as it may be important to him as well and put the phone on speaker. 

"You see, your friends Lucy and Harry were involved in a train collision and now-"

"What?!" I yell into the phone. 

"Oh my God." I hear Niall mutter in shock. 

"Please, Ms Laing, let me finish." Jane said. 

"S-sorry." I say crying. 

"It's quite fine, I assure you. Now, Mr Styles' case isn't so bad. In fact, he has escaped with only a broken arm and leg. A great blood loss but nothing that we cannot fix. However, Ms Mai is not so well. Her condition isn't something that a phone call can describe. Could you please come down the The Princess Grace hospital so we can discuss her condition better?" Jane asked. 

"O-Okay... Sure. I'm l-leaving now." I say as Ni comforts me in a cuddle.

"Goodbye, Ms Laing." Jane said and hung up. Niall patted my back comfortingly and I leaned my head in his chest. 

"What are we going to do?" I whisper in shock. "If Lucy's current situation is bad enough for us to be called into the hospital, then it's serious." 

"We, are going in and we are going to pray that Lucy is perfectly fine tomorrow morning." He kisses my forehead and I smile at him.

"Thank you, Niall." I mutter and pull away.

"For what?"

"For being you." I smile at him and find my trainers and hoodie. Niall gets his things on and soon we are at the hospital. 

We walk through the smell of cleaning products to mask the stench of death.

We reach the reception area and ask for Jane. Apparently, she was waiting for us at the door. She was a young woman. Only around 24 years old. She had ginger hair wrapped into a tight bun with some pieces falling down. I guess she's been working all day.

"Nice to meet you. As I said on the phone, my name is Jane Harris." She said and held out a hand for us to shake. We both shook it and introduced ourselves.

"What is so bad about Lucy's condition that we had to come all the way here?" I ask quietly.

Jane looked nervous. "She's been put into a coma." I stood there, looking at her....

"W-what?" I cry.

"She took most of the force in the crash. Her brain was hit and it put her brain to sleep. On standby, if you please. However, we are certain she will wake up soon. In the mean time, we are going to put her into surgery to fix her hearing. We are giving her a cochlear implant where she will have to use a hearing aid which she can turn on and off. If it doesn't work the first time, it's fine because it won't effect her so she can just have another operation." 

"How much....w-will this c-cost?" I timidly ask.

"Well, it's being covered by the NHS so it's entirely free." Jane smiled. 

"Is there anything else that we should know?" Niall asks.

"She's got a broken leg but apart from that, she will be perfectly fine."

"When can w-we go and see h-her?" I ask.

"Now if you'd like."

"What about Harry?" Ni says.

"He's in the room next door to Lucy's. We'd thought it would be easier. I'm guessing he's asleep." Jane informed us. I smiled at her.

"Thank you, Ms Harris. That's really helpful. What room is Lucy in?" 

"Please - call me Jane. And she's in room..." Jane checks her clipboard. ".....423 floor 4 in the Elliott ward." 

"Thank you Jane." Niall says and we go up in the lift to the 4th floor. 

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