6 Years 6 Victims 6 Suspects

Victoria Carter watched her family get murdered infront of her. 6 years pass and finding the killer has been her main priority since. Will she find him? Or will this case stay an Unsolved Mystery... Just an idea with a One Direction Twist!


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Never Give Up…
Hotch's POV
"The Carter Family. Mother stabbed, eldest son and father shot, 1 survivor, possibly 2. The daughter Victoria Carter and the baby boy, Henry Carter." JJ explained flicking carefully through the presentation
"I remember this case. We had this case six years ago. The unsub was never found." Reid paused and stared into space for a few seconds "Why are we bringing this case back up...?"
"Because Victoria Carter called me last night." I interrupted as everyone's head turned to me
"and what did she say?" asked Morgan
"She told me she remembered..." I stated. Everything fell silent for a moment, as if they were all deep in thought...

"but that's not the only reason." JJ began "Payne family. Mother stabbed, father and two eldest daughters shot. Again there was only 1 survivor, possibly 2, only son Liam Payne escaped with one bullet wound to the leg. And baby girl Emily Payne was kidnapped. This was 3 days ago."
"...same MO!" stated Rossi
"but six years between kills? Are we sure it's the same unsub?" questioned Reid
"...we'll discuss on the jet!" I commanded gathering up the paperwork.

"Where are we actually headed...?" asked Reid scrunching up his nose in curiosity
"Ooh! The great Spencer Reid actually doesn't know something for once!" mocked Prentiss nudging him in his seat
"We're headed to New York!" chuckled Morgan
"...New York..." whispered Reid dreamily
"What's so special about New York?" questioned JJ taking her seat
"It's just well...my sister lives there!" Reid stated
"Sister? I didn't know you had a sister?" Morgan exclaimed with a rather shocked look on his face
"...neither did I until we were investigating that murder my father was involved in a few years ago. I found his name on a birth certificate. Father of a little girl, Lauren Skehan..."
"You gonna go see her?" asked Prentiss
"I've never met her before. I-I mean I doubt she even knows I exist..." Reid frowned squinting his eyes as if he was trying to remember something...
"We're here on a case! Concentrate!" I exclaimed interrupting the conversation.

"The Carter boy. He was taken too right?" asked Rossi
"That is correct." I exclaimed
"With almost 100% of child kidnappings, they are killed within the first 24hours..." Reid stated staring up into space
"Correct. But we never found a body!" I replied
"...so we assume he's still alive?" questioned Morgan

Victoria's POV
I took the brush from the side analysing my reflection in the mirror and brushing stroke's through my long blonde silky hair, making it straighten out before bouncing up back into curls again. I was wearing a small White dress and I placed a flower in my hair to match.

"Happy Birthday sweetie..." smiled Anne Styles from behind me
"Happy 6 year anniversary more like..." I sighed as she placed her hands upon my shoulders
"Try and look on the bright side, yeah?" she smiled giving me a small hug. I sighed and didn't say a word but just smiled back.

"HARRY! GIVE IT BACK!" screamed Sian's voice from down the hallway
"You'll have to catch me first!" came Harry's voice through a laugh, teasing her
"Harry!" she then moaned as they ran past the door. I giggled lightly as Anne sighed rolling her eyes
"Sian! Harry!" she called running after them making me chuckle lightly.

I tilted my head to the side and smiling to myself lightly, staring in the mirror at my father's bright blue eyes. 'Go catch him...' I could almost hear him saying to me. They were the last three words he ever said to me. The last three words he said ever. So that's what I did...or tried to do.

I closed my eyes trying to remember. The bullet went into my shoulder, a searing pain filled my body, automatically I reached out to grasp the wound my hand instantly filling with blood. My blood. The man grimaced clutching hold of my baby brother and running out the door.
"No!" I cried after him getting up and staggering towards the door before collapsing again as my eyes began streaming with tears.

I couldn't even describe the pain I felt. My heart was racing, my head was spinning and my whole body was felt numb.
"Tori..." croaked a hoarse voice from behind me I turned to see my father, barley conscious.
"Daddy!" I gasped using all my might to crawl towards him..."...daddy! Stay with me! Stay awake!" I begged, the tears still flowing
"...be a good girl!" I gasped taking a deep breath in "go catch him!" he said letting out his final breath. I watched the life leave his eyes. My eyes.

"Daddy? Daddy no! Please wake up? Please!" I cried shaking his body. I gulped rising to my feet staggering towards the door before running. This guy had taken everything away from me. My parents, my brothers and possibly...my life.

"...Victoria..." whispered a voice from behind me pulling me from my nightmare.
"Harry..." I gasped "You shocked me!" I laughed hitting him on the arm lightly he beamed a smile back revealing his dimples while his piercing green eyes stared into mine
"Happy Birthday!" I grinned handing me a small box
"It's of both of us actually!" Sian added stepping into the room. I laughed a little
"Thanks..." I smiled "...but you didn't have to get me anything..."
"You say this every year!" laughed Sian
"...I know but-" I began but Harry cut me off
"Just open it!" he chuckled.

I smiled sweetly at him before turning to the wrapping paper and carefully unwrapping it...inside was a small box. I looked up and gave them both a questioning look. Both of them gave me an encouraging smile. I looked down at the small box in my hand and opened it gently to reveal a small bracelet with three charm hearts. Each with a word engraved on it. They read 'Never Give Up'. Again I looked up at them, my face must have appeared confused.

"They represent you, and your two brothers..." Sian began explaining "...and the words are because in the six years that I've known you, your main goal has been to find the poor excuse of a man that killed your family, and you have Never given up..." she smiled as Harry attached the bracelet to my wrist
"Stop it! Your making me cry!" I giggled through tears staring down at the shimmering golden bracelet that was rested on my wrist "It's beautiful..." I whispered "Thank You!" I grinned giving them a hug each!

"Victoria! Are you coming?" called Anne's voice up the stairs
"Yeah! Coming!" I called back nervously. For the second time in my life I was going to the police station to give facts about a murder. The same murder. The murder of my family...

My stomach flipped with fear. I promised myself I'd find this man...No one would have to go what I went through! I'd give my life if I had to...I'd do anything lock him in a cell, throw away the key and let him rot. He deserved it...and hopefully soon I'd get my way...

Sorry it's a little boring at the minute But it will get better soon and those of you who are Characters in it that I haven't mentioned yet, I PROMISE you'll be mentioned within the next few Chapters! Hope you liked it and down forget to Review! Do you think MAYBE we could get to 5 Reviews? Please? Thanks!

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