Fight For Your Life... No Alternative

A group of kids are stranded on a desert island. No adults. No rules. No means of survival.

How will they live?
It is unknown

What happened to the adults?
It is unknown

The only thing that is certain is that there will be love, heartbreak; death, life; expect the unexpected.
And get ready for the fight of your life. For your life.


8. Chapter 8

Oreo was trying hard to keep control of the 50 kids stuck on the island with him. He had received the note from Dilly, but it had been hours now and she still wasn't back. People were getting restless. Scrutinizing the crowd, Oreo knew he couldn't keep them occupied alone, so he enrolled some kids to help him. He had the help of Eve Chibacca, a 12 year old girl no one knew much about; Erin Sheean, 13; Delmar Louis, a 13 year old French kid; an 11 year old called Oliver Stanford and an Arabic girl who went by the name of Hadiyyah Samra' Sarkins. She was eleven, too. Six kids against the pulsing herd that was the frightened product of the ship wreck.

Please hurry up, Dilly. 

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