Fight For Your Life... No Alternative

A group of kids are stranded on a desert island. No adults. No rules. No means of survival.

How will they live?
It is unknown

What happened to the adults?
It is unknown

The only thing that is certain is that there will be love, heartbreak; death, life; expect the unexpected.
And get ready for the fight of your life. For your life.


7. Chapter 7

Rising early the next day, Dilly noticed a small but persistent fire was burning away in the middle of the camp.

Oh wonderful, someone here knows how to light a fire. Ha ha ha, sarcasm Dil... Why do I always think that? I know I'm being sarcastic, I don't have to tell myself.

Shaking her thoughts out of her head, Dilly left a note for the sleeping boy who called himself Oreo and grabbed her bag with some food in. That note had some rules such as no one leaves the camp, all food must be shared, someone keeps an eye on the fire at all times ect. She'd ordered that everybody travel in three's, yet here she was, about to set off on her own. She began to saunter away from the camp, taking one last look at its dozing inhabitants. When they awaken, she would need something to tell them, explain to them, about the disappearance of the adults and the shipwreck. This island better have some answers.


Dilly had been walking for two hours. She took a sip of her water. The sun beating down on her made her sweat, although she had tried her best to stay cool. Finally, she came to the edge of the forest. Collapsing down by the nearest shady tree, she closed her eyes.

I will never again dismiss the value of water.

Suddenly, she felt a presence. Her eyes snapped open and, thinking it was a wild animal, she grabbed the stick that she had made into a sharp point; a poor defence, but better than none. When her eyes came to focus, Dilly gasped. Standing in front of her was the most beautiful boy she had ever seen. He had tousled cinnamon hair and majestic emerald eyes, that shone in the sunlight. He was quite tall and had broad shoulders, a muscular frame. But what really made Dilly's eyes open wide, was the fact that all he had on was a bit of animal skin (with a dagger hanging from the side) around his...lower stomach area.


His muscles flexed as he reached down for Dilly's hand. He wasn't huge, he still looked around Dilly's age, but boy, was he amazing. As he hoisted Dilly up, the perfect boy then smiled. Dilly was struggling so much to stay composed; his smile was mesmerising. His deep eyes flashed, entrancing her, his teeth were pearly white, his smile wasn't crooked like some of  the guys she knew, it was beyond compare. He looked like he was straight out of a fairytale.

"Are you ok?" Dilly blinked.

"What?" She drifted out of her hypnotised state and blushed.

"I said, are you ok?" the boy laughed.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! Now he thinks I'm some dumb kid! Stupid, stupid! 

"Oh, yeah. I...I'm fine,thanks. Umm...Who are you?" Quizzically, Dilly looked at him and realised; he must live here!

Oh my god. Ohmygod! Don't mess this up! Be nice, not sarcastic, be nice. Ohmy... wow. He is so beautiful.

The boy introduced himself as Sam. And smiled again. Dilly pretty much melted. Turned to mush. Died. She'd never seen someone so spectacular, yet seemed so modest.

"This place isn't safe y'know. You should get back to the others, back to your camp." Dilly nodded, still under his spell.

"W...will I see you again?" she asked, not wanting to let him go.

"Yes. Don't worry, we'll meet again, I promise." With that Dilly turned around to retrace her steps. Suddenly realising, she looked up.

Hold on a sec...

"Wait a minute, how did you know I was with others? At a ca..."

But the boy was gone.

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