Fight For Your Life... No Alternative

A group of kids are stranded on a desert island. No adults. No rules. No means of survival.

How will they live?
It is unknown

What happened to the adults?
It is unknown

The only thing that is certain is that there will be love, heartbreak; death, life; expect the unexpected.
And get ready for the fight of your life. For your life.


3. Chapter 3

Oreo had spent the majority of his life in the Maldives. His midnight black hair and his old love of Oreos had earned him the nickname; in fact he was eating a packet right now. It was his solution to everything. When in trouble: eat Oreos. When in awkward  situations: eat Oreos. When bored: eat Oreos. When ill: eat Oreos. When... well, you get the idea. Even: When in a shipwreck, worrying your guts out-hoping you're not gonna die: eat Oreos. He took his own advice. Growing braver with every Oreo he ate, Oreo decided to get off the ship. Grabbing a couple of bags, he stuffed one with clothes and his other important belongings and the biggest one with Oreos.  Taking a deep breath, he cautiously stepped out of his cabin. He really didn't like boats- they made him sea sick. And that wasn't even to do with the Oreos. He had hardly stepped out of his cabin for the whole 5 days they had been on the ship. Munching on (you guessed it) an Oreo, the dark skinned boy began to make his way towards the fresh air and the mysterious island that awaited him.


Eve Chibacca had hardly even noticed the convulsing ship; she was refusing to leave the land of 5 Children and It. It was a book she had read many times before, but never grew tired of it. At school she got teased for being a geek, but she took no notice; either because she didn't care, or she literally wasn't listening, she was trapped in the arena with Peeta. Her parents, the teachers, her few friends, had all tried to pull her away from the fantasy world and back to reality; none had succeeded. Eventually her parents had gotten worried, everything Eve did, said, was to do with some book or another. They had sent her to see a psychiatrist, and she had undergone therapy to no avail. Finally her parents had given up and just let Eve's head fill with 'nonsense'. Books had ultimately become her whole life. She was on holiday with her parents, yet she hadn't actually left her cabin so far. At last, Eve realised that the boat was not advancing. Closing her book and carefully placing it on her bedside table, she got up, her long dark hair swishing slightly.

Oh dear. I suppose I'd better go see what's happening.

Eve was a small girl for her age, but made up for her size with her big imagination.

Maybe I've been abducted by aliens. Or it's like Gone and all of the adults have disappeared because of Little Pete... I bet I've been possessed and now I'm a... robot, programmed to destroy the human race.

Suddenly, a vision of a boy flashed in her mind. She smiled, her pupils growing large. She sighed a happy sigh, a sigh that anyone with experience would know it was a sigh meaning she was in love.


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