Fight For Your Life... No Alternative

A group of kids are stranded on a desert island. No adults. No rules. No means of survival.

How will they live?
It is unknown

What happened to the adults?
It is unknown

The only thing that is certain is that there will be love, heartbreak; death, life; expect the unexpected.
And get ready for the fight of your life. For your life.


10. Chapter 10

Eve had been guarding the camp when Noah joined her. Stunned, she began to tell him that it was supposed to be her and Mentha keeping watch today, but he stopped her.

"I swapped with her," he shrugged, like it was no big deal. There was an awkward silence. Then "Eve." Her head turned to face him. How did he know her name? They had never actually met before, although Eve had fantasised about it.

"Eve, I... I know you probably don't even know who I am, but... ah, well, I... I, goddamn it, why is this so hard?!" Eve was confused. Huh? What was he talking about? She was the one who should be complaining about why this was so hard! She was sat here, next to the boy of her dreams and she couldn't think of a single thing to say.

Think, think, what can I say to him?  

"I'm sorry." He took a deep breath. "Eve. Did you know that your name means life? Just like you gave me life. A reason to live." Suddenly she got it.

 "Eve, I love you."

*Sorry this is so short! A longer chapter next time I upload!! : )*

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