Enchanted Kiss

Hannah goes to school and there is this new boy in class, called Zayn.

Hannah has a secret power and she uses the book her parents gave her for her birthday to help her.

Zayn helps her to fight the demons, standing in their way of finding true love.


1. Waking Up


It was the second of April 2002. It was my fifteenth birthday. It was bright and sunny, the perfect day for a bit of sun.

“Hannah,” my mother called. “Time for breakfast.”

“Ok Mom,” I called back getting out of bed hazily. I brushed my hair and went down for breakfast.

“I got you a gift,” my mom said and put a parcel next to my food.

“You didn’t have to put paper around it and a ribbon.”

“It doesn’t matter. Your father insisted we throw you a princess birthday party and I had to tell him you don’t like princess’ anymore. And why are you still in your pj’s and not in your fancy new school clothes?”

“They aren’t fancy, their old boring and grey. What’s wrong with you? You don’t know anything about fashion. I joked.“

I started to open the parcel and in the parcel there was a book. It said Annabelle that meant ‘force fields’ in Spanish.

“Mom, why does it say force fields on the front?”

“It tells you how to look after yourself,” she said.

I said goodbye and opened the door. “I love you, and goodbye,” I said. I started walking to school.


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