Enchanted Kiss

Hannah goes to school and there is this new boy in class, called Zayn.

Hannah has a secret power and she uses the book her parents gave her for her birthday to help her.

Zayn helps her to fight the demons, standing in their way of finding true love.


3. School Talk


When Hannah got to school she met with a friend; Taylor.

“Hello,” Hannah said.

“So are you excited about the Matric Farewell dance?” Taylor asked.

“No not really. I’m not the kind of person you’d catch wearing anything fancy.” (Taylor always got fussy when it came to anything fancy like a ball or a dance with anyone).

“Suite yourself, I’ve got a date with Dylan.”

“Oh please, each week you have someone different.”

“That’s because I’m not picky.”Taylor joked.

“I’m just waiting for the right guy.”Hannah exclaimed.

*The bell rang*

“Bye, Taylor”

“Bye Hannah,” Taylor called while walking away, “See you later.”

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