Enchanted Kiss

Hannah goes to school and there is this new boy in class, called Zayn.

Hannah has a secret power and she uses the book her parents gave her for her birthday to help her.

Zayn helps her to fight the demons, standing in their way of finding true love.


2. Tricky Math


Hannah stepped into her classroom five seconds later. Every boy in the room stared at Hannah, hoping she would catch their attention.  One boy started waving his hands in the air but Hannah just walked past him thinking that he was making fun of her. She sat in her little corner by herself, because she concentrated better there. She took out her homework book and started her homework, Nathan came to ask her about a maths problem when she said, “We should all be doing our homework. What’s the problem Nathan?”

“I have a maths sum that’s confusing. I thought that since you are smart I’d come to you,” said Nathan.

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