Who wants a Horan hug?

May Ketchumn's bff from her hometown, Mullingar, was like a brother to her. When ever she was upset, the energetic boy would whisper 'Who wants a Horan hug, love?'
They were only 6 when they met, but they bonded straight away... but the Irish boy became famous after auditioning for The X-Factor.

She has missed him so much, and he has missed her so much... So what will happen when the two reunite in London? Will it go well for once in May's life? Or will it go all wrong, like most stuff does? Read to find out!! x


1. May Ketchumn

-May's POV- 


"MAY! DOWN HERE NOW!!" He shouts... not another one... after my mother and father... went away... My uncle Titan has been looking after me. But he wont let me do ANYTHING. So, I guess you could say I've become a 'rebel'. I sneak out at night... blah blah blah... Now. About me. I used to live in Mullingar, Ireland. But I moved to London when I was 16. (I'm 19) I have dark red hair, dyed, and blue/grey eyes. I'm quite tanned, considering I live in a Country which rain loves. But... I need to go back to Mullingar. I haven't been there for THREE years!! I miss the peace soooo much. Sure, London is great, but it is just so busy. Anyway. I have to see him again. He was like a brother to me. SHIT!!! m-my uncle...


"Y-yes uncle Titan?" I whimper.

"Where have you been you little f*****?!"

"I-I was just i-in my room d-d-doing homework..."

Bang, right across my face. Slap, right across my head... the impact of his next punch sends me into a current of darkness...


*About 4 hours later*


I open my eyes... I was strapped to a bed. I whimper, as Titan walks in. 

"Ah, you little beauty..." He says, climbing on top of me... what was he doing? He starts to unbutton my top... and  I realize what he was going to do... I let out a loud, howling scream. The neighbor hears me, and bangs on the door, until it breaks. They storm over to us, pull him off, and ring the cops. They were boxers. I was safe.


Well. I thought I was safe. The two boxers' wife's ran in, and took photos for evidence. Titan was a cruel man, so as he got taken away, and shoved into a cop car, I shouted "BYE TIT!!!!!" I knew that would get him. Ha. 


I stayed with Sasha and Eddie, the boxer who yanked Tit off of me, and his wife. But a few days after... I had to go into a childrens home. It was only for a few days because I'm 19, until I could get a job, and get my own apartment. Sasha and Eddie payed mostly, I payed some, and so did the childrens home. I was grateful. 



HEY!! So that's May Ketchumn. This is only chapter one, so there's much more to come!! Please, this is my first movella, so don't hate. Hope you guys like it!! -LucyBoo x





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