Who wants a Horan hug?

May Ketchumn's bff from her hometown, Mullingar, was like a brother to her. When ever she was upset, the energetic boy would whisper 'Who wants a Horan hug, love?'
They were only 6 when they met, but they bonded straight away... but the Irish boy became famous after auditioning for The X-Factor.

She has missed him so much, and he has missed her so much... So what will happen when the two reunite in London? Will it go well for once in May's life? Or will it go all wrong, like most stuff does? Read to find out!! x


2. Dawn McAllie

*May's pov*


It's been a week since tit went, and my apartment is great!! Not much furniture... I got some stuff that was left there... like the couch, and kitchenette stuff. Oh yeah, and a wardrobe. I got my old stuff from my house, and it's lookin' good... 

I put my pen down, and closed the paper book. 

'MESSAGE!' I checked my phone, it was from Sasha, and she said I had left my heart locket at hers, and I can go collect it whenever.

I leave my apartment, and I crash into someone.

"Woah there! Are you okay?" They say.

"Yeah... Are you?! Aha, I'm May Ketchumn, I just moved in on the top floor..." I say, awkwardly...

"Aha! So you're my new neighbor! Ohhhh you'll have to come round for a cuppa soon... I can help you with your place! I'm Dawn McAllie, nice to meet you May!!" Dawn says. 

"Yeah that sounds great!!" I say, checking the time on my phone. 

"You must of been in a hurry... My number is 14, you must be in number... 16?" 

"Yep." I say, popping the 'p'. 

"Great, well I'll be round bout... half 7?"

"Yeah sure, bye May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


*Sasha's place*


"Hey Sasha!! It's Maaaaaay!!" I sing through the door. 

But when she answers, her face is grey, and her eyes are red and puffy...


Well then... I'm good at cliffhangers!!! Hehehe.... Sorry for the short chap... You'll see alot of these...

 What's wrong with Sasha?! -LucyBoo x


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