Little Horan

This is about a girl named Sammy-Jo Horan. Yes Horan in Niall Horan from one directions little sister. What happens when Niall comes home with the lads and Sammy-Jo tells Niall what is going on in her life life..... Read to find out!!


4. This is really happening!!!

Sammy-Jos POV


this week has been really good. My football team won the all-Ireland  (woop woop) and when it was over the man that organised the games called me up and told everybody to wish me good luck and I got the game cup. If felt really good to have mum, dad, Greg, Niall and the other lad rooting me and the other girls on.

Today is the last day I'm in Ireland before I got to London so the boys have organised a party for me.

im wearing-    With my hair curls and natural make-up.

---------skip to near end of party-------


I have been hanging out with my Bestfriends most of the night cause I don't know the next time I will see them :( .

all- we're all goin ta miss ya

me- ah I'm gona miss u's to

then we had a big group hug on til I heard Niall shout "LET'S GET THE GIRL THAT WE'RE ALL HERE FOR TO CONE UP HERE" "umm Niall what do you want" " I want you to say good bye to everyone cause its your last day" " um okay..... HEY EVERYBODY THANKS FOR COMIN IM GONA MELUSS YA ALL EXSPEAUALLY MY MUM DAD AND BEST FRIENDS.... OH AND GREG!!" Everybody laughed and said " BYE SAMMY JO AND GOODLUCK" "THANKS bye"


--------end of party----------

The party ened about 30mins ago and now we are on our way to the airport. When we get out there are fans everywhere the boys go of to sign things and a group comes up to me. "Hi can you sign my phone" asked a girl with bleach blond hair " sure thin Hun watcha me" " it's Lauren" " that's a nice name" "thanks" I write ' dear Lauren always go with your heart not someone else Sammy Jo xx' " omg thank you" " no bother" I sign others until our flight is called. Niall comes to me and says " you ready for this sis" "I was born ready I just can't believe I'm actually gettin to do what I'm gona do for my job..... Thank you" I say hugging him " no bother now let's go or we are gona miss our flight and we can't have that now " we get on the plane laughing. I can't believe this happening.


------------ AN---------------

hey guys sorry I haven't been updating. I'm not gona be updating for a while cause there is really good weather here in Ireland and that never happens so I'm gona be enjoying it. My left arm is pure sunburned it hurts lol. I also have to of my cousins weddings comin up so I have to get ready for that so I don't the next time ill be uupdating thanks my little skittles remember to comment like and fav


Sammy Jo xx

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