Little Horan

This is about a girl named Sammy-Jo Horan. Yes Horan in Niall Horan from one directions little sister. What happens when Niall comes home with the lads and Sammy-Jo tells Niall what is going on in her life life..... Read to find out!!


2. The Phone Call

Sammy-Jo's POV- 

Once I got to my room I answered the phone 


( the phone conversation between Sammy-Jo-s unknown-?)


?- hello is this Sammy-Jo Horan?

s- hello yes this is she and who is this?

?- oh yes sorry I'm Simon, Simon Cowell.

s- um okay may I ask why you are calling me an not my brother or the other lads?

?- ah right um okay so Niall showed me a video of you sing and playing the guitar and I think you are really good....

s- um okay thank you..

?- so I was thinking why don't you come to the studio and record a couple of songs for me and maybe I'll sign you to my label?

s- um okay I'd love to but I would have to ask my mum and dad first.

?- don't worry i already asked them and they said yes!

s- okay when do I have to come? 

?- how about an hour?

s- yeah sure ill be there!

?- oh and Sammy-Jo can you take the boys with you I have to talk to them?

s- yeah sure see you soon 

?- bye Sammy-Jo

s- byeSimon 

(end of phone call)

As soon as I was of the phone I was screaming and jumping around. Then all of a sudden there were 5 boys in my room. " Sammy-Jo what's wrong?" Niall asked worriedly." Simonwantstosignmetohislabelihavetodonwthereinanhourandyouguyshavetogotobecausesimonwantstotalktiyiu" I said really fast " Sammy-Jo can you say that again but slower" Harry said. " Simon wants to sign me to his label anod I have to  be down there in an hour and you guys have to go to because Simon wants to talk to you" I said out of breath."OMG Sammy-Jo that's grate" the boys said wrapping me in a big bear hug. "Come on the lets go and get my lil sis signed to the label" Niall said. So we all got in the car with Louis driving . Omg I'm getting signed was all I could think the whole way to the studio.




Hi everyone I hope you like this chapter. Please comment to tell me what you think about it.i won't be doing another chapter for maybe 2 weeks because I have tests all next week.Sorry xxx

keep reading my little stars 

Sammy-Jo xxxx

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