Little Horan

This is about a girl named Sammy-Jo Horan. Yes Horan in Niall Horan from one directions little sister. What happens when Niall comes home with the lads and Sammy-Jo tells Niall what is going on in her life life..... Read to find out!!


1. Nialls Home

Sammy-Jo's POV:

I was at home in my bedroom singing to one of my brothers songs little things on my guitar. Did I forget to mention that my brother is Niall Horan yes from one direction. Let me introduce myself. Hello I am Sammy-Jo Horan. My birthday is 13th September yes I know me and Niall have the same birthday but we are NOT twins he is year older than me. I have ginger hair (that is not dyed) and I have deep ocean blue eyes ( Niall is so jealous of them haha). I know how to play guitar and love to sing. I also love FOOOOD!! That's another thing me and Niall have incommon. I have meet all the boys me and Louis are pranking buddies! Me and Zayn are hair buddies ( never ever touch me hair or you'll know about it. Me and Liam are toy story buddies and last but not least is Harry are flirting buddies ( we only mess around not like love each other!). 


Back to the story!!


as I was saying I was in my room playing my guitar when all of a sudden I heard a knock on my door and my older brother Greg came in. " Hi Sammy-Jo" Greg said "oh hey Greg" "I was talking to Niall today..." He said happily." And what did he say" I said 

getting a little annoyed because he knows how close me and Niall are. When he said he was going to audition for the X Factor I was kinda upset because if he go through I wouldn't get to see him a lot. But when he got thought to boot camp and then said no to I couldn't take to see my big brother that I haven't seen cry since when were young cry it broke my heart. Then him and 8 other people were called back 4 boys and 4 girls were called back. Then all I could recall was Simon Cowell say that they were going to be put in a group. I was so happy for him. But since then I haven't seen him so much :(. So when someone has news about him I get really anxious to hear what he had to say. The Greg knocked me out of my day dream with saying " he's coming home" with that I was up out of my bed jumping like a crazy women until Greg said " Sammy-Jo calm down he'll be here in like (looking at his watch) 1 hour""okay thanks Greg see you later" with that he left and I was about to get a shower when I heard a buzzing sound come from my pjs. I looked at my phone it was a text from Niall.

( conversion between Niall and Sammy-Jo Niall-n Sammy-Jo-s


n- hey Sammy-Jo did Greg tell u the news yet??

s- YES!! Why didn't u tell me before!lol 

n- oh u know last minute dissions lol 

s- okay I have to go for a shower ill see u later how far away r u?

n- umm about 50mins okay

s- okay c u soon bye x

n- byexx

with that I got up an got my clothes -a pair if shorts and a purple tank top with white converse-  I then when for my shower. I was finishing my make-up if I don't wear that much because it makes a girl look false.


I rushed down the stairs to open the door to my older blonde brother and his best mates. Then Niall screamed in my ear " HELLO  THERE SAMMY-JO I MISSED YOU!!! You do know its not as fun with the boys as it is with the boys and you!!" " aww I meesed you to NI " there was hellos and hi's from every body but the came Louis he came right up to me and gave me a big hug the shouted in my ear " there's my carrot queen" then I said " and there's my carrot king!!"

-1 hour later-

We were just catching up when all of a sudden my phone started ringing it was an unknown number so I said to the guys I'd be back in a couple and ran up to my room and answered the phone.



hi so this us my first fanfiction and I don't really know what to do so please be nice I don't know when I'll be next updating cause I have tests coming up so yeah please comment to let me know if you like it...

Sammy-Jo xx



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