Little Horan

This is about a girl named Sammy-Jo Horan. Yes Horan in Niall Horan from one directions little sister. What happens when Niall comes home with the lads and Sammy-Jo tells Niall what is going on in her life life..... Read to find out!!


3. At the studio

An sorry I haven't been updating umm I write this chapter them my laptop died and I hadn't saved it so ill do as much I remember or as much as I can be bothered 


Sammy Jos POV 


we made it to the studio and there were paperazz everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE!! We got out of the limo and thanked Luke our driver I kinda felt bad for the lad because before we left the boys gave me skittles and skittles make me hipper and Lou was just really happy that he wasn't the only mad one in the limo so that made him hipper to lol . We got out and hd to run into the studio I waited a good 10minuates for the boys and then they come in panting for air. I was laughing so hard the Lou said " Sammy Jo how come you got in here so fast?" " um well you see I may or not be well am the captain of the football team" all the boys were stund Niall knew I was on the team I may or may not have said I was captain " right so let me get this straight you can play any instrument that is set in front of you , you can sing, you are really pretty sorry Niall I just had to say it and now your into sports, Sammy Jo your EVERY boys dream" Harry said I just laughed and skipped to the desk and said " hello I'm Sammy Jo Horan and I'm hear to see Simon " " ah yes he is waiting for you in his office go right ahead" I then skipped to the office that said Simon on it. The boys walked in first then I walked in " hello I'm Simon and I'm guessing your Sammy Jo " " yep that's me" i said popping the p " ok well I want to hear you sing then I decide id I want you in my label" " ok is there any song you want me to sing" " no just pick a song that you know" "okay " I walked in and stared singing the ' a team' by Ed Sheeran . I walked out and Simon had a big grin on his face and the boys just jumping around and when I came out the jumped on me with hugs " so I'm guessing I done good" I said " no you where brilliant I know what I want to do" " and that would be" I said " I..... Want..." " god man spit it out" Lou screamed at Simon wrong move Lou wrong move " LOU" we all screamed " I want to sign you" "AHHHHHHHHHH" me and the boys screamed " thank you thank you thank you" I said hugging Simon " your welcome now I have some questions to ask you" "umm ok" I said looking at the boys with a confused look they just shrugged "ok would you ever dye your hair" " NOOO" me and  Niall screamed " um Niall why did you scream?" " it's because I love the colour and umm it makes you look like a  a irish leprechauns not that you wear green sall the time and not the hight cause you are taller than me and around the hight of Harry ok it makes you look Irish" " umm ok" " do you have a boyfriend" " I did but we broke up like 3 weeks ago" " you what" Niall screamed at me " yes Niall I'm aloud to have boyfriends and it only lasted about a month then I found out I was a rebound but I didn't like him that much" I said " ok" said Niall " ok do you eat as much as Niall " " no" I was cut of by Simon saying " thank god" " umm Simon you didn't let me finish" " sorry continue" " I umm kinda um eat more than him sorry" " what how do you eat more that that " he said pointing to Niall " I have a name you know" " yep Niall we know that sorry ok um how do you fell about moving from Ireland to London??" Simon asked " I ah I umm" I was cut if by Lou shouting " just spit it out" " god Lou let her think its a big dission moving from Ireland to London I know it was hard for me just give her time" said Niall " sorry Sammy Jo" Lou said " it's ok it's just hard you know like leaving Ireland, my friends and family and my team you know" I said " um Sammy Jo what team?" Simon asked confused " oh I'm the captain of a football team" I said " ok well I'm sure there are teams in London you can join and you can make new friends and you can always visit your family and the boys are here there you family and the boys treat me like family that's why they call me uncle Si so ill can be your uncle Si to" Simon I mean uncle Si said " Sammy Jo this is a grate if you move to london we can be all hipper together and I'll buy you all the skittles you can eat" Lou said trying to get me to move " skittles" uncle Si questioned " um she is majorly addicted to skittles like she has to have skittles with everything but her dinner she will have them after it " Niall said like it was the most normal thing in the world well it has been in our house since I was like 5 " ok Sammy Jo have you made you dission?" " yes Simon I have made my dission and it is a big fat YES" I screamed the last part the boys started hugging the Niall started more like screaming "my sister is getting signed to the same label as me wool woop" I was laughing and so was everyone else. I signed my contract after that. When we got home we watched moves and of corse I was li's turn to pick yah toy story note to sarcasm the I got a text from uncle Si saying that I have to move to london next week. I can't believe this happening!!!



okay so I hope you like tho chapter I don't know when I will next updating so comment no hate please  

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