if it weren't for harry I wouldn't have fallen in love and I wouldn't have written this story for harry aka my husband <3




     Once apon a time there was a girl named Cassandra lino who was a directioner .She had just gotten out of detention in and she was on the phone walking home talking to her friend Aasia."Yeah girl Micheal was being a  complete bumhole and he-".A man ran up behind Cassandra and grabbed her by the arm.she turned around and looked at him and he was sheading tears .'AAAAAAAHAHHHHHH" ,Cassandra had exclaimed."WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE DOING", Cassandra gad yelled at him."Ohh no, not you too", he had said. "Ill have to call you back later",Cassandra had said on the phone. "You still didn't answer my question",she said. "Its me Harry don't you remember your husband in the future". "then how are you from the future but your from the future and im from the past" ,Cassandra exclaimed. "That's what im trying to tell you"Harry had said.At the moment he was ready to slap her but he was a guy and she was a girl and he knew he could`nt."Lets just go"Harry had just said.He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her all the way to the hosital."Do you have a-"the nurse was trying to ask them but Harry had ran past her and ignored her.He had ran into the nursery with cassandra adn they went to a incubator that had the name DARCY on it. Harry had opened it and grabbed the little girl out of it. Cassandra had started to tear up at the sight of the little girl right in front of her. the nurse had ran in the room to see cassandra holding the baby in plain sight. 'Excuse me but you cant do that"the nurse had explained.Harry had handed Darcy to cassandra.He whispered into her ear "take Darcy and runnnnnnn for your life". Cassandra ran to the door and went past the nurse. "RUNN"harry had yelled to her. Cassandra had made it outside of the hospital and Harry was in a sports car. "Get in"he exclaimed.They went to an apartment building and went to the middle of the building floor. "This elavator music is weird". Cassandra and Harry had walked into a room and as soon as they opened the door there were 2 men sitting on the couch. "We've been waiting for you"..............

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