How I meet Niall horan :)

How did I meet THE Niall Horan??? Well you will find out in this short fanfiction :)
Enjoy :p


2. Walking out side at 11 oclock at night

Y/N POV: I stepped out side my door and a blow of freash cold air hit my rosey Face I stepped down the stairs that lead to my front door and put my ear phones in My ears and started to blast music in my ears I started to walk and put my phone in my pocket and Was walking while looking at my shoes NIALLS POV: "Guys I need a break for a while and get some fresh air I will be back soon ok?" "OK!" I heard a chorus of oks but the loudest was louis I got my coat on and got my phone and started to walk out the door I heard a chorus of "BYES" behind me "bye lads" I said before I went out the door I have been feeling lonely latley ya know the boys have got girlfriends now even though I dont think harry has got a girl he is going to stay with well lets say its one of his week girls that only last for a week and thats it but I am tired of being loney and I think its time for me to find MY true love .
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