How I meet Niall horan :)

How did I meet THE Niall Horan??? Well you will find out in this short fanfiction :)
Enjoy :p


10. she knows who i am


Reminder of last time y/n POV:

"Ohhh....Still i dont know you that well you could still kidnap me"

 i said with a smirk on my face.



Niall's POV:

suddenley she started to smirk after saying what she said to me thats when I started to get confused

why is she smirking for?

i thought i would leave the smirking aside and carry on, theres something special about this girl and not just because she LOVES nandos but that is important to me too though but this girl has a appitite ...i could tell :) i just could anyway while i was thing how beautiful she was i noticed she stopped smirking and started to look worried at me waving her hands infront of my face i must of be day dreaming for a while

"HEWOOO.... YOU STILL THERE??" she said in a loud worry voice but only me and her could hear

I shook my head to stopo me from day dreaming more thats when i started to smile at her

she started to smile back putting her hands back in the same persition they were before

"so is that a yes ?"

 i said still smiling hoping she will say yes

"yes to what?"

 she said in a confused way

"for me making it up to by taking you out to nandos ?"

i said smiling cheekly still hoping she will say yes

"Errrrmmm..... "

 she said while rubbing her chin with her hand

"i still dont know if you would kidnap me or not butttt..... i guess so"

she said looking straight in my eyes while i started to get a huge smile creep on my face

i swear i was jumping for joy right now thats when i instantly checked myself to see if i was jumping up and down were i am sitting but i was not

thats good...thats good other wise she might of got creeped out its like she is a pop star and i am not this time i am a ordanairy person and i am a fan of hers thats how i feel right now i would be

'fan girling' right now but i am not just keeping it all inside

"thank you for giving me a chance "

i said smiling at her

"but can i ask you a question?"

 i said again


she said simply with a smile

"okay erm.. i dont know how to say this... but did you just say yes because i am.."

but suddenly she said

"no i did not say yes because you are niall horan"

smiling at me looking straight in my eyes and for some reason i could tell she was telling the truth

"thanks for telling the truth "

i said smiling at her also looking at her in the eyes

"no problem but i do mean it "

 she said still looking at me smiling a little while putting some of her hair behind her ear

thats when i started to smile like crazy this time still looking at her in the eyes while she was doing the same as me i swear i started to blush thats when started to notice that the beautiful girl opizite me started to blush as well awww she looks so cute and innicent and beautiful and adoruble and .... i bet you dont want me too go on any more... am i right??... anyway back to reality

we were still staring at each other so i thought i would start the confersation again

"sooo... whats your name love??"

i said normally but i bet i sounded happy and looked down to the floor and looked up at her eyes again she smiled at me and put her hand out

" my names Y/N "

then she added before i was about to shake her hand

"what about yours"

 she said in a funny sarcastic voice

thats when i took her hand and shook it and said while chuckling

"niall....niall horan"

"well..niall horan?.. if i am right"

she said pretending she does not know me

"yes you are correct"

i said going along with it chuckling

"well niall whats going to happen now ?"

she said smiling at me thats when i started to smile at her

"well Y/N... if i am correct?"

i say imitating the way she said it

"yes you are correct"

she said imitating me this time

"is it okay if i have your erm....number??"

i said nervously scratching the back of my neck

"yeah sure thats fine"

she said smiling at me again thats when i started to smile to

then suddenly she grabbed my hands into hers and said

"you know you dont have be nervouse asking me you know"

 she said smiling at me


part 2 coming soon okay :) hope you enjoyed it byeeeeeeee

love you CRAZY MOFOS :)


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