How I meet Niall horan :)

How did I meet THE Niall Horan??? Well you will find out in this short fanfiction :)
Enjoy :p


3. Finding someone??

NIALLS POV : While I was walking ramdomly some where I think I have been befor I was loooking at my shoes wishing that I went out earlier because I could have gone out to nandos but ya know I will do it next time I am not really my self I am not eating as much as I do I mean I eat more than the boys but I normally eat more than what I am eating now like I would of gone to find a food place and see if it is open and buy something from there but as I said I am not myself :( So I am going to keep on walking and see what happens along the way Y/N POV: While I was just walking along just changing my music some of the time I was walking and I was wondering what would make my more exciting most of my friends suggest getting a boyfriend but I dont know about that and maybe I could see where this walk goes and then if this goes into a ADVENTURE maybe I could have more of an exciting life
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