How I meet Niall horan :)

How did I meet THE Niall Horan??? Well you will find out in this short fanfiction :)
Enjoy :p


6. Falling for a girl maybe??



Next thing i knew after that shadow was near me i was on the floor next to someone they most probley was not looking were they were going either now should i be nice or mean ?? Then while my thoughts were still going through my mind i heard a mumble next to me must be the person next to me 


Why is the person not responding have i nocked them out ?? Oh no what am i ment to do i have been through  with fans fainting and next thing you know they are okay again but this is not the same but their hood was up so i could not see if it was a boy or a girl 

''Hello are you okay there?''

I said loud enough for the person to hear me I suddenly heared a little mumble coming from the person on the floor next to me 


I heared an irish boy speaking next to me 

''Hello are you okay there?''

Thats when i thought to just get this all done with and get out of my thoughts and say somthing back to the irish person so they at least know i am alive i started to get up slowley and i relised tha my head hurt

To be continued ....... :) 

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