How I meet Niall horan :)

How did I meet THE Niall Horan??? Well you will find out in this short fanfiction :)
Enjoy :p


8. Beautiful girl on the street

Nialls POV:

I started to get red cheeks but i dont think she can see it because its dark i just smiled at her answer and hoped she would drop the thing i just said 


I said while trying to think of an confersation while scratching my back trying to think

''so do you like nandos??''

I said with a smile on my face hopping she does then hopfully we have a chance toghether then suddenley a girlie voice puped p and said 

''Yes i love nandos its like the best food place EVER!!'' she said in an happy way 

So i quickly answered back 

''GREAT maybe i can make up for this and take you to nandos??'' i said in the most nicest voice i can 

She looked at me for a second with a thinking face and hummed and then said 

''how do i not know you are going to give me a ride home and kidnap me or something??'' she said with a cheeky voice witha smirk on her face

I looked at her and laughed a little with a smile and then looked at the floor then back to her while i was doing that i started to think i take it that she has not seen who i am so thats when i thought i would show her and see if she is ment to be or not 

'' you dont know who i am do you '' i said with a smile looking at her

She looked at me and sqinted her eyes for a closer look and then she shoke her head for say 'no'


I knew who he was he was NIALL HORAN!! From one direction but i was not going to show him that i knew and see where this goes and if this goes somewhere and we come really good friends or something then i will tell him then untill that i pretend i dont know any way its entertaining to see how he reacts when he does not think i know who he is then he suddenly sat closer to me and bit more so we were in the light together and then he said 

'' now do you know who i am ?''

He looked at me with a nervouse smile on his face i thought i would be nice and say this 

''Ohhh.... Still i dont know you that well you could still kidnap me '' i said with a smirk on my face 




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