Diary of a Teenage Mermaid

In the end of The Little Mermaid, Ariel and Eric live happily ever after, but what comes after that? In this story, look into the life of Ariel and Eric's teenage daughter, a human mermaid hybrid.


6. Tuesday, June 1, 2013

Last week of school! It is all half days this week, which is why I am writing this early. Today was also pretty uneventful. We were allowed to play on our laptops all day. Carmen keeps my laptop for me because if I brought it to my underwater home, it would get eletricuted. Carmen, Mietta, and I were Facebook chatting each other- even though we were sitting a foot apart each! We were also playing random computer games like Bloons Tower Defense and Factory Balls. Then, we ate lunch and went home. I don't know why they have days like that for school. I guess they need a certain amount of days in the year. Now, home sweet home and waiting for Rachel and Clare to get here. They are coming over to just chill and here about my time at Roller Coaster Kingdom. ROLLER COASTER KINGDOM! I totally forgot to write about it! It was AWESOME! We rode on the scariest rides! The best was the Ball of Fire. I wished I still had my fire outfit to match my firey tail design that I last had. We also ate so much junk food, I like to fill up on the land food whenever I get the chance. Funnel cake, french fries, corndogs, and more! Definitely no seaweed salad! Oh, they are here. Will write later!   Hey! Rachel and Clare just left. It was so much fun! We went to the hot tub and talked for pretty much the whole time. They thought Roller Coaster Kingdom was the coolest thing ever. Underwater, we don't have roller coasters, funnel cake, french fries, or corn dogs! Rachel and Clare don't go to school, so yesterday was normal, not a day off. Well, almost normal. Rachel tried out for softball yesterday! Yes, mermaids play softball. It's a very popular sport, and Rachel's great at it! I'm pretty sure she'll make the team. My homeroom class on land went to the beach after school today- I hope and pray they don't see me in the water! They shouldn't, I'm way too deep under the water for them to go without a scuba suit. I was trying new hairstyles, but it's kind of hard to do your hair underwater. That's why we mermaids leave it down, unless you are a softball player. Then you have a ponytail. I can only experiment when I'm on land. Oh, Dad wants me for something. Gotta run. Will write tomorrow!
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