Diary of a Teenage Mermaid

In the end of The Little Mermaid, Ariel and Eric live happily ever after, but what comes after that? In this story, look into the life of Ariel and Eric's teenage daughter, a human mermaid hybrid.


11. Sunday, June 6, 2013

Wow. You know that party at Luke's I mentioned earlier? Not exactly as planned, let's just say that. 

I spent half of yesterday getting ready for the party. I went to the salon by myself (I couldn't bring Rachel and Clare because of the secret). I got a really cute leopard design on my tail and dyed my streaks black to match the rest of my hair. I also got extensions, a new olive green bra, and pinned my bangs back. After the salon, I was on my way to Luke's. It's 2 houses from Claire's, so I knew how to get there. I went to his door and there was a note: 

Slight change of plans, head to the Seaweed Jungles -Luke

That was unexpected! I went over to the Seaweed Jungles, my favorite place underwater. Luke was standing there with a  black tail and a black dress shirt part open to show his abs ;) He brought me deeper into the jungle and what I saw was amazing. He wove vines together to say, "Summer Formal?" I happily accepted and ran into his arms. "Dinner at Samurai Sushi?" 

We went to Samurai Sushi. Over dinner, I asked him about the "party". He said he made  it up as an excuse to get me over. Luke didn't want anyone knowing about it because if I asked anyone,"Are you going to Luke's party?" They would be VERY confused! After dinner, he made sure his number was in my phone and said, "See you at the Summer Formal!"AHHHH this is seriously happening!!


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