Diary of a Teenage Mermaid

In the end of The Little Mermaid, Ariel and Eric live happily ever after, but what comes after that? In this story, look into the life of Ariel and Eric's teenage daughter, a human mermaid hybrid.


5. Monday, May 31, 2013

Happy Memorial Day! I'm in the car with Carmen and Mietta- they are writing in their diaries, too. Only mine is a Merdiary, special diaries that can write underwater for mermaids. Mine is black and orange clownfish striped with my name, in green letters, across the front. I'm not sure what they are writing about, probably the different things they did this weekend. That's what we were talking about before we started writing. Carmen went to a track meet on Saturday morning, then went to the beach after and stayed until sunset. I wish I could go on beach trips with groups of land friends other than Carmen and Mietta. If I get 1 drop of seawater on me, my legs turn into my fin. Try explaining that! Mietta stayed at her friend Amanda's house from Saturday morning until Sunday morning. On Sunday morning, Carmen picked Mietta up from Amanda's house to go to Jacob's pool party. LUCKY!! I don't know what happens if I get pool water on my legs, but I'd rather not test it at my crush's party in front of everyone. I told them all about the mermaid salon with Rachel and Clare plus the party at Clare's house. They only interrupted a few times saying things like, "There's such a thing as a mermaid salon? AWESOME!" "I wish I had a party castle!" and the one I always hear "SEAWEED SALAD?" with a tone of disgust in their voice. I explain that seaweed salad is actually delicious. Well, Mietta is finished writing and wants to play some license plate game, so I guess I'll stop writing too! I'll write tomorrow!

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