1D images! :)

You come up with a fanfic about what you want to happen (ie where you are how you meet e.t) and what boy you want

All you have to do is say your name and what you want to happen and then I do it for you :)


10. Dirty zayn image for cassidy part 7 enjoy :p :)

Stormed off out of the room .......


Cassidys POV:

I went out of the dressing room and before i closed the door behind me i heard loads of different laughs behind me thats when i swigged  the door shut and i saw a man in a black t-shirt that said 'security' in big yellow letters across his chest i walked up to him and ask where the toilet is he pointed to a door that was at the end of the hall way we were in i quickly said thanks and started to walk to the toilets when i went through i saw three doors one on the left said girls and on the right boy and then in the middle a sign in gold said one direction 

They had their OWN toilet what more could they have??? Suddenly i heard the door behind me sing open and two arms were put around my waist i spain around quickly and saw zayn smirking at me looking right in my eyes he then pupped up

"good acting cassy !" he said sounding impressed 

Thats when i swung my arms around his neck and nodded my head to his answer and said 

" i have been practising" i said with a smirk on my face  

He then nodded to my answer and then unlocked a door behind me and nudged my leg to say to jump so i did and i had my legs around his waist and he put his hands on my bum cheeks and carried me in the toilets when we were in the room he pupped up again saying

he said in a questioning voice i tilted my head while i got onto the sink counter and undid my top buttons while i was doing it he watched my every movement i started to  bit my lip he came over and kissed my hard i rapped my arms around him and he put his arms around my waist and the kissing/snogging turned into a really hot make out session he suddenly licked my bottom lip to try and get a entry but i refused and smirked while we were still snogging then zayns hands traveled down to my bum and squeezed my bum and i got a bit of a shock and zayn took the opportunity to stick his tongue in our tongues instantly battled but zayn won ..suddenly our lips drifted apart and we were both out of breath zayn said while we were looking at each out   Trying to catch our breath 

"WOW..... You know what Cassy?" he said in a sexy deep voice 

I looked at the floor and then back to him and answered him 

"what?" i said still trying to catch my breath but smirking at the same time 

He looked at me with a sexy stare he suddenly went right up to my ear sending shivers when his breath him my skin when he got to my ear he said 

" i want you...... I want you sooo badly the first time i saw you i knew i wanted you" he said sudivley  in my ear with a sexy deep voice 

To be contined........ :)

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