1D images! :)

You come up with a fanfic about what you want to happen (ie where you are how you meet e.t) and what boy you want

All you have to do is say your name and what you want to happen and then I do it for you :)


8. Dirty zayn image for cassidy part 6 enjoy :)

Cassidys pov: 

Next to louis on the sofa:

Next thing i knew i was next to louis on the sofa after a little passionate kiss from zayn i did not say any thing to louis yet and i have introuduced myself to him but i think he just wanted me away from zayn so he can know me better i must have been day dreaming because next thing i knew there was fingers infront of my face clicking and waving in front of my eyes 

''hellloooo any one there or are they in carrot land with the carrot fairys?''

Louis said in a cheeky way 

Thats when i clicked out of my thoughts and turned my head to face louis hehad a smirk on his face while i started to smile at louis in embarisment 

'' Hey its fine we all do it but i bet i know who you were day dreaming about '' louis said with a smirk laughing a little 

'' who?? Who do you think i was day dreaming about louis ?'' i said in a weird voice louis looked at me and smiled looked at zayn and looked back at me and smiled bigger and suddenly 

'' IT WAS BRADFORD BAD BOY ZAYN MALIK OR ONE AND ONLY DJ MALIK!!! '' he shouted so the whole room could hear i swear it was loud enough for the rooms next to us as well 

I quickly put my head in my hands and stayied there for a while all i could hear after louis's anousment was laughing and then silents i had the earge to look up i quickly rised my head from my hands and six people were infront of me crowding around me staring at me i felt my cheeks get hotter thats when my eyes started to study all their faces first my friend she was trying to keep her laugh in and try and keep a straght face on then there was niall looking like he was going to burst into a laughing fit he was literally going red in the face were he was going to laugh then there was louis who was looking serious but still sassy at the same time and was smirking at me the there was harry who was just smirking and his dimples was showing when he noticed i was looking at him he wigled his eye brows at me and looked at zayn then me and winked the there was liam who looked not looked inpreast at the same time a trying to not laugh and there was Zayn the one who was the BradFord BadBoy looking straight into my eyes and was smirking and winked at me but it was not the same as harry did it it was more sudusive and sexy and when he noticed i was looking at him he quickly opened a pice of paper that was in his hand and opended it fully so i could see what it says i looked at it and it said

I hear you have been talking about the bradford bad boy well why dont you say to the lads you need at toilet and i will show you what the bradford bad boy is like and we will go back to my place ;) 

I looked at itcarful, and when i got it i smiled a bit only for zayn to notice and i looked back to the reast of the boys and my friend  who were still staring at me smirking the my friend pupped up trying not to laugh 

''we heard you are day dreaming about zayn the bad boy maybe drooling a bit as well '' she said trying not to laugh suddenly a fimialer laugh came from behind my friend she moved so she could she who itwas it was niall rolling on the floor laughing like a mainiack

I looked at niall in a serious embarissed way when niall noticed he stopped rolling on the floor and sat up and started to giggle my friend joined him 

''well i have had enough for today and for your infomation maybe i was daydreaming about zayn maybe i was not you will never know and ya know what?? It does not matter i am going to the toilet while you lot calm down okay??'' i said standing up from were i was sitting and tryed to say that seriously but it did not work looked at zayn quickly and stormed off ouofthe room ....... 

To be contined ...... :)


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