1D images! :)

You come up with a fanfic about what you want to happen (ie where you are how you meet e.t) and what boy you want

All you have to do is say your name and what you want to happen and then I do it for you :)


6. Dirty Zayn image for cassidy part 4 enjoy :)

Cassidy and her friend are now near to meeting the boys: Cassidys POV:

Me and my friend are now at the front of the line after all that waiting we are now going to meet and greet ONE DIRECTION !!! 

Oh my god i just can not belive it while i was in my thoughts of how lucky we are to be here doing this looked up at the boys that were greeting some fans and i caught zayn malik looking at me right in the eyes i know ZAYN MALIK looking at ME! ME!

I thought to myself for a second why dont i just wave at him and smile and see what happens so i did and then Zayn was still looking at me smiled and did this cool sulute at me i felt an earge to go over there and snog his face off but i knew i had to stay calm so i did thats when my friend noticed me and zayn looking at each other and shewas gob smacked at what just happened right there 

''Vas Happening here, Cassidy i can not belive Zayn Malik was looking at you and smiled an stuff !''

She looked at me with a smirk on her face while saying it cheekley 

''Hey first of all he looked at me first and i found him looking at ME first okay and you know maybe he is looking for a girlfriend now hopefully anyway :)''

She looked at me again with a smirk on her face while i said that to her she just shook her head and then looked at the boys again , but hopfully he is looking for a girlfriend and then that would give me a chance to maybe try to be his new girlfriend i do like the idea of that when i was in my thoughts i looked up at the boys again and i saw Zayn talking to paul (there security man if you did not know:) ) and when they were talking they were looking at me and my friend and i looked st my friend for a second and found out she was looking at me already because she noticed what was happening between Zayn and Paul when i looked back at Zayn and Paul Zayn went back to talking to a fan and i noticed that Paul was gone and he was not in the back ground of where the boys were i looked around for paul and i found him looking at me and my friend in the line and next thing i knew Paul was callinhpg us over to take us back stage to were no over fan were it was just us and Paul and a dressing room saying ''ONE DIRECTION'' on the door and he stopped out side the door and turned around to us and said in a serious way 

'' Now you girls are really lucky to be here and by the way if you did not know Zayn chose you two out of the crowd to talk to and we do not normally do this by the way so you are really lucky any way you can wait in there dressing room and they will come in after all their fans are done make your selfs confutuble ''

Thats when he left us in their dressing room and the waiting was about to begin thats when my friend piped up after we were left in the dressing room

''well ... I was not epecting this to happen '' she said with a smile on her face 

I nodded to what she said and i started to exsplore the room i saw loads of clothes that defentley look like one directions clothes and then there was dressing areas but knowing one direction they dont use them and then i looked at a corner on the room and saw a sign saying ''NIALLS TABLE OF FOOD'' thats when i started to laugh when i saw the sign then my friend looked at me with the look of 'what is so funny' look  thats when i pointed to the table in the corner my friend started to laugh too after a couple of minuets later the boys came in and when Zayn noticed us his face lighted up a bit

To be contined ..... :)  

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