1D images! :)

You come up with a fanfic about what you want to happen (ie where you are how you meet e.t) and what boy you want

All you have to do is say your name and what you want to happen and then I do it for you :)


5. Dirty zayn image for cassidy part 3 enjoy :)

Zayns POV:

Hey lads do you think i will find a girlfriend in this meet and greet?? 

I said whispering to the boy so the fans would not know 

Donna true love comes in all shapes and sizes like i LOVE my nandos :) 

Niall said with a big grin on his face while say it 

Yeah i know niall but i am not looking for food niall i am looking for a girl .

I said in a more serious way 

Niall srugged his shoulders and went back to signing a photo 

You will find someone like you did with perrie zayn

Louis said to me while he was patting my back of corse perrie said she could not take the relationship any more so we went our seprate ways .......

But ya know maybe its fate telling me that she is not my true love : / 

Thats when i started to look at the crowed of one direction fans and one of the girls in the queue standed out the most ...

To be contined ...... :)

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