1D images! :)

You come up with a fanfic about what you want to happen (ie where you are how you meet e.t) and what boy you want

All you have to do is say your name and what you want to happen and then I do it for you :)


4. Dirty zayn image for cassidy part 2 enjoy :)

When we got at the consert:

Omg i can not belive i have actully got front row tickets and back stage passes!!! I have the AMAZAYN-iest friend in the world :) 

Here we are at the consert cassidy !! :D 

I quickly nodded and looked in the car mirror to see if i looked ok 

Gotta look good for zayn! 

I said smiling excitiedly next thing i knew we were in our front row consert seats sipping on our cokes and eating waiting for the boys to come on I CARNT WAIT!!! AHHH 

When do you think they are gonna come on ? 

I said to my best friend with a big grin on my face 


Suddenly the lights went out 


She said excitedly 

A roar of screaming girls came from behind us we quickly looked up and we saw 5 figuers standing infront of us waving there hands around the place randomly they started to sing ''shes not afraid ''

Later on after the consert ended 

To be contined ......  :)



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