1D images! :)

You come up with a fanfic about what you want to happen (ie where you are how you meet e.t) and what boy you want

All you have to do is say your name and what you want to happen and then I do it for you :)


2. Dirty zayn image for cassidy :) ENJOY!!! :) part :1

I woke up this morning remembering that it is my birthday today :) suddenly there was a buzz under my pillow I looked under trying to find my phone when I had found it I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and looked at the message that had come up on my screen on my phone it was a text from my bestie saying "HAPPY B DAY I HAVE GOT A SUPRIZE FOR YOU AND I HOPE YOU ARE NOTDOING ANY THING TODAY EITHER :)" thats when I had the feeling to phone her I guessed she was still up because she text me like 20 minutes ago so I quickly phoned her to see what her suprize was about :) "HELLO!!" I said excitedly when she picked up the phone "OH HAY Cassidy I take it you got my text message " "YEP" I quickly applyed to her question "can you please just tell me" I said with my best babys voice "I GOT YOU ONE DIRECTION FRONT ROW TICKETS AND MEET AND GREET TICKETS FOR TODAY!!!!!" she said screaming on the other end of the phone "OH MY GOD YOU ARE BEING SERIOUS WITH ME RIGHT !!!??" I said screaming back at her "YEP AHHHH" "but we only have 40 minutes left before I pick you up so be quick okay" she said seriously "okay I am going to take a quick shower now so see you then byeeeeee"
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