1D images! :)

You come up with a fanfic about what you want to happen (ie where you are how you meet e.t) and what boy you want

All you have to do is say your name and what you want to happen and then I do it for you :)


7. Dirty zayn imag for cassidy part 5 enjoy :)

Cassidys pov:

When zayns face lit up i noticed that my friend was having a horan hug and while saying 'hello' to niall while the boys were lined up ready to say hi and then i had a feeling to look at zayn suddenly noticed zayn walking up to me he stopped right infront of me and put out his hand so i put my hand in his i felt chills when that happened then my hand reached his soft lips i looked up at zayn and befor i could say anything the boys and my friend were 'awwing' at us and carried on there confusation laughing abouta movie and what not ...

Thats when i looked at zayn and he was already looking at me suddenly he puped up saying

''dont worry about them you will get used to it'' he said with a smile

What does he mean get used to it does that mean i will see them more than once ?..hopefully!! :) well anyway i clicked out of my thoughts and i was still looking at zayn with my hand still in his i smiled at him and i opened my mouth to say something then someone behind me coughed we both looked at the person behind me it was louis with a smirk on his face 

''I am so sorry to interupe you toolove birds but... I WANT TO MEET THE HER ASWELL YA KNOW!!'' louis said sassy and then linked his arm with mine and nodded and we started to stroll away from zayn 

Suddenly someone tapped me on the sholder and louis let go and sat on the couch waiting for me to come over i turned around to see who it was and i saw zayn really close to my face 

''you forgot something'' he said still near my face 

''what?'' i said in a nice way not moving 

''this'' he said still near my face

Then suddenly my lips were smashed with his and a little spark hit inbertween the kiss and we pulled away at the same time i felt zayns hand reach my jean pocket and quickly slipped out again and we both looked at each other smilling and then he slowly tilted his head foward right next to my ear and whipered in a sexy deep voice 

''cheack your pocket and then meet up with me later ..oh and i like you''

He said all of that in a suducive way and he slowly went back to face to face and winked at me and walked off to the reast of the boys and my friend i turned around to see louis tapping the sofa to say for me to come and sit next to him 

To be contined :) ..... 

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