Love Hate

Lucy, a confident girl is moving across the globe Uk to Australia, as her dad got a promotion in work.
What will happen when Lucy meet shout be stars Janoskians , will she fall in love with one of them? And which one would it be? Or will there be a bit of love hate?


3. Sleepovers&neighbours

The rest of the day I had , chemistry, literacy, and more maths. The lessons passed fairly quickly , I was meeting the boys outside of school and going to there house , I already texted my mum at diner time she said it was fine. We head of to Luke , Jai and beaus house.
"No way you live here?" I asked shocked.
"Yeah of course why?" Luke said puzzled.
"that's my house there next door!" I explained pointing to my house.
"Cool!" Jai said.

We all walked into the house, a women appeared, which I guessed was their mum
"Hello boys... And who's this?" She questioned.
"Hi Mrs.Brooks , I'm Lucy I just moved in next door , I met the bus at school." I answered.
"Oh please call me Gina, and nice to meet you Lucy." Gina welcomed me.
"Nice to meet you to." I said to Gina.
"Okay I got a message from school your off all week due to a gas leak. So tonight your all welcome to stay over, as I'm going to work soon over night. You too Lucy if its ok with your parents." Said Gina.
"Yeah ill ring her now." I followed the boys into the living room and sat down and rang mum,

*ring ring , ring ring * 
"Hey mum it's just me , can I stay over the neighbours house tonight I met them school today ?" 
"Well yeah that's fine if its okay with their parents." 
"Yeah thank you and it's fine. Bye mum"  I then hung up

"She said yeah" I told boys.
"Omg yey girls night in woo" skip said in a girl voice.
"Okay I begin to question your sexuality skip. " Jai said , I laughed a little.
"So want to play truth or dare?" Beau asked.
"Sure" I answered 
" yeh" said James and the other boys.
We all gathered round in a circle.
"Okay Lucy truth or dare ?" Beau started.
"Truth, since its first turn." I said.
"Urm okay so when was your first boyfriend." Beau asked.
"Erm ... I've erm never had one." I nervously answered.
"What!" Beau said shocked. 
I looked around the room at all the boys with shocked expressions on their faces.
"Nothing just surprised." Said Luke .
"Oh okay moving on , James truth or dare?" I asked him.
"Dare!" He yelled.
"Lick beaus toe!" I announced.
"Omg beaus toe is disgusting though" James said.
Beau pulled of his sock releasing his toes. Ew.
James moved in and licked them. It was all disgusting really.

We went through more dares , from all sorts of things you could imagine.
It was back around to my turn.
"Okay Lucy , truth or dare ?" Jai asked.
"Dare" I said with enthusiasm.
"I dare you to kiss like on the lips!" He said.
Me and Luke both looked at each other awkwardly, and slowly moved in.
Or lips connected it actually felt amazing I could feel the sparks, and his cold silver lip ring making contact with my pump lips. 
It felt amazing, in the back around I heard everyone whilsting and o'ing at us , me and Luke pulled away his checks were red, mine probably were too, did Luke like it?
We sat back in our places I saw Jai nudge Luke , and Luke push him back.
"Ur so it's getting late maybe we should sleep" skip suggested. I looked at the clock it was 1am .
"Yeah, what's the sleeping arrangements like where we we sleeping?" I asked.
"Okay well skip on the couch , James on the other couch, Jai in his bed , me in my bed, and Lucy you can share Luke's double bed if that's fine with you ?" Beau said.
"We'll I could just sleep on spare couch I don't want to be any trouble." I said.
"Lucy it's fine honestly." Luke added.
"Well okay if you insist." 

Luke showed me to his room. He went to his drawers and pulled out two pairs of sweatpants and a hoody.
"Here you can wear these and this hoody." Luke said passing me the sweatpants and a hoody.
Luke turned around to let me change. I quickly changed out of my uniform.
"Ready Luke." I said for him to turn around. 
I hopped in the bed and put the quilt over my body. I saw Luke getting changed he took of his shirt and revealed his body it was amazing , toned body and abs .
He changed into his sweatpants to . So he was half naked. He climbed into bed next to me.
"Why are you being so nice Luke, you didn't have to let me stay here we only just met? " I said asking him.
"We're friends right? This us what friends do plus your cool."he explained.
I felt Luke move closer behind me and he slowly draped his arm over me, his skin touched mine I could feel his warmth on me, it felt right.
Before I knew I closed my eyes slowly and drifted off to sleep cuddling into Luke.

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