Love Hate

Lucy, a confident girl is moving across the globe Uk to Australia, as her dad got a promotion in work.
What will happen when Lucy meet shout be stars Janoskians , will she fall in love with one of them? And which one would it be? Or will there be a bit of love hate?


1. Moving Day


(Lucy's Point Of View)

I slowly woke up in my bed , my piercing blonde , pink dip dyed hair tied in a messy bun, wearing my luxurious leopard print onesie. I took a look around my cream coloured room.
Today was the day , I'm moving across the globe from Newcastle in the UK to Melbourne Australia , due to my dad getting a promotion from his photography business. It's just me , my mum and my dad , I'm an only child it can be good but has its bad points.

I sat up and looked at my room, which in a few hours will no longer be mine. I stood up and put my rabbit slippers on my feet, wrapped my dressing gown tightly around me keeping me warm. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen , adjusting my nose to the scent of steaming hot pancakes covered in syrup and sugar.

"Here's breakfast Lucy." Mum explained , handing me the plate of the fresh pancakes.
"Thank you , what times the plane?" I questioned my mum.
"Ten o'clock" my dad joined in.
"What! I've got one hour?!" I questioned finishing off my pancakes.
"Yes so eat up , and get ready." Mum said picking up my plate and taking it to the sink.

I jumped up from the table and ran to the bathroom. I picked up my pink toothbrush , and minty toothpaste and brushed my teeth as quick as possible, I also had a quick shower.
I got out of the shower , and wrapped a blue towel around me .
I walked to my room and to my closet.
'So what to wear today' I talked to myself.
I picked out some galaxy denim shorts and a purple singlet . I put on my clothes and tucked in the singlet. I put on my golden butterfly necklace and tied my hair in a side plait.

"Come on Lucy!" Mum yelled signalling it was time to leave.
'goodbye room' I talked to my room.

Dad was sitting in the car waiting I could see all the suitcases in the boot of the car and one in the back seat.
Mum was waiting to lock the door. So here came my sass.
"Hurry up Lucy " she yelled impatiently . 
I don't blame her I was walking as slow as possible, down the stairs .
"I'm going to miss this house mum" I explained.
I started to sing 
" and I-I-I-I-I will always love you-u-u!" I sang skipping out of the door.

I waved my last goodbye to the house, I wasn't really that bothered about moving as I didn't really have friends. It would be cool for a change. New life, new friends, new people, new country.

The car started before I knew it we were heading to the airport. My dad turned on BBC Radio 1 . I sat there singing along to all of the songs that were played. Yes I'm a very hyper person thank you god.

We were now in the airport sitting in the gate waiting for our flight to be called so we can board the plane.

The loud speaker announced " Flight B05D to Melbourne now boarding at Gate E" 
"That's us, lets go" my mum said standing up.
I got up from my seat as my mum handed me my passport with a pink case. We made our way to the plane.
" passports  please." The air hostess said.
I showed her my passport .
"Have a nice flight young lady!" The air hostess said very energetic.
I took my seat next to the window and my mum.
"This is your captain speaking , this flight we will be showing various movies we will make Melbourne for one in the afternoon in Australia , journey is scheduled for 21 hour flight . Please sit back and relax and the hostess will deal with your problems..." The captain said over loud speaker.
I could feel myself slowly drifting off into deep sleep.

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