Love Hate

Lucy, a confident girl is moving across the globe Uk to Australia, as her dad got a promotion in work.
What will happen when Lucy meet shout be stars Janoskians , will she fall in love with one of them? And which one would it be? Or will there be a bit of love hate?


2. Melbourne

I woke up and noticed my mum nudging me . We had finally landed in Melbourne.
We rushed of the plane through the crowds after collecting our luggage, I could feel the sun blazing onto me.

The shouted a taxi , and headed to our new home. It was only a twenty five minute drive from the airport, my mum had told me we were living in a place called glenroy, in a little estate.
The taxi came to a stop.
"We're home" dad said with excitement.
I gazed out the window and the brick house it was an average size modern home. Perfect.
I opened the taxi door and boot and got out my luggage walking towards my new home with the family. My dad unlocked the door , and opened it. Walking in I resized the house was already furnished, it was a nice modern family look to the house which I quite liked.
"Go see your room Lucy , up the stairs and to the right." Mum told me.
I walked up the staircase and slowly opened the door to my new room.
It was perfect, everything I've wanted I also had furniture shipped from my old room. My one direction posters all over the walls , and pictures of me and my best friend.
I ran down the stairs and hugged mum and dad 
"I LOVE IT" I yelled.
"Thought you would" said dad
"Thank you so much" I added.
"No problem Hun, and by the way your starting school tomorrow morning so get some sleep, or you will be jet lagged." Mum told me.
'Urgh school '

I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock. the sun was beaming through the curtains , I could tell my hair was a mess. I got up from bed and pulled back the curtains , there was no clouds in the sky at all today. Even better. I walked to my mirror and adjusted my hair tying it up in pony tail with my fringe plaited around the side. I went to the bathroom had a quick shower, brushed my teeth and done my make-up.
I walked back in my room gazing at the burgundy coloured uniform. Ew. Penola catholic college it read.
I took of my pyjama shorts and vest top and changed into my new uniform.
"Come on Hun we need to go now" mum yelled upstairs.
I picked up a bag I didn't know what to put in so I just put some stationary and a notebook because I suppose I may need them, and if I do at least I have them.

Mum drove me to school because dad went to work early this morning , school was only a ten minute walk.
"Mum I will walk home tonight" I said.
"We you sure?" Mum questioned.
"Yeah ill be fine only ten minutes away." 
"Okay then Hun" mum said.
I got out of the car and waved bye to my mum as she was driving off down the road.
I tuned and looked at the school, it didn't look to bad it looked quite a modern technology school.

I managed to find the office easy due to a big sign pointing to it. I spoke to the head teacher then the bell rang and I was off the first lesson, maths.
'room 2B' the timetable read.
I walked around looking for the class until I found it and knocked on the door.
"Come in" a teacher yelled.
I slowly opened the door walking in.
"Oh you must be Lucy Smith the new student here?" She asked.
"Yep that's me" I answered.
"I looked around the class looking for seats there weren't much to choose from.
"Tell the class abit about yourself Lucy." Said the teacher.
"We'll urm... Hi I'm Lucy smith , I've just moved here from England , urm I don't know what today really."
"And I urm like one direction" I added .
At that point a random girl yelled "woo one direction you go girl".
"Okay Bethany calm down" the teacher said. So her name is Bethany ,i think we are going get along.
"Okay Lucy you can take a seat next to Luke at the back there" she said pointing to a table I looked at the boy he had brown hair messed up but in a good looking way, I noticed he had a lip piercing, he was quite attractive to be honest.
I walked over and took my seat.
The teacher started going on about maths I didn't have a clue what she was saying.
"Hey I'm Luke, Luke brooks." Luke explained.
"Hi nice t meet you Luke, I'm lucy, Lucy smith." 
"Hah nice to meet you Lucy , we have break time next want to come hang out with me and my friends so your not lonely ?" Luke asked.
"Yeah sure that would be cool" I told him.
I'm starting to like this school already.

Before we knew it the bell rang and me and Luke exited the room together I followed him outside. We were walking towards a large oak tree with a few boys sitting under I'm guessing these are Luke's friends. 
"Hey guys this is Lucy she's new." Luke told the other boys.
A cute one with brown hair stood up and give me a friendly hug ,
"Hi I'm James" he told me.
The rest f the boys stood up to and started introducing themselves.
"I'm beau"
"I'm Daniel but call me skip."
"And I'm Jai , Luke's twin."
"I'm Lucy smith." I introduced myself.
Dayum met 5 attractive boys already on the first day, can my life get any better.
We all sat and talked about each other, found out there all famous youtubers named janoskians, beau showed me a video , these boys are actually hilarious though.

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