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Ava is a normal girl who likes one direction. One day her older sister gets her backstage tickets to a 1D consert. When she already meets the boys, Harry its the guy who lies her more then the other boys.
Harry and Ava keep in touch after the meeting, and eventually Harry asks Ava out. Of course she says yes. After some few more dates, could people call them a couple. Of course all this happends beacuse of Ava`s sister, and Lily(Ava`s big sister) waits for a thanks, but does she gonna get it?
After some few months Ava finds out something that HArry didn`t tell her.
If you want to know more, read my fan fiction.

This is my first fan fic, so pleasse don`t give me hate and i hope you like. And I`m not english so sorry about my English, if it`S VERY bad.:)


4. The meeting

The concert was absolutely amazing! Harry waved to me and it was so cool to see them in real! And now I also gonna meet them and talk to them! it would be so cool if I and one of the boys could start to date, but it will never happen ...

"OMG LILY! That was absolutely awesome! I can`t wait to meet them!" I look at her and start to walk back to where we were before. Then I see them. The boys I have wanted to meet for 3 years! They are standing right in front of me! Harry turns around and looks at me. He smiles and goes to me. I start to panic and i don`t know what to do! "Hi. I`m Harry. And you are..?" He says. Oh god! Harry Fucking Styles looks even better in real life! "Ehh.. Oh my! Sorry... I`m Ava, and to be honest I know that you`re , Harry, it's not like I come here even not knowing what your name is." I answer. He starts to laugh. His perfect, cute and sexy laugh. "Haha!Yeah I`m pretty sure you know who I am. I mean I`m Harry Styles! Haha!" He says. I start to laugh, even that wasn`t very funny.

*Harry`s P.O.V*

Oh god. Ava. That`s a realy beautiful name, for a realy beautiful girl. She is so beautiful! "But anyway, Ava, come and meet the other guys! I think you should talk a bit to the other guys, since you are going to stay here for a while, right?" I as her. "Yeah," She smiles. She looks so beautiful when she smiles. I go with her to theother guys. "Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam.. This is Ava. This is the beautiful girl we are going to be with today." I say to them introducing Ava for them. I see that she blushes. We talked for a while, and just hanged out a bit. "Soo.... guys, what do we gonna do?" Liam asks us. "Eat! I`m hungry!" Niall screams. Everybody starts to laugh. "Truth or Dare!" Louis screams. "Ok. So.. Niall since you are so hungry I can buy some pizza, and after we finsh eat we can play truth or dare like you want Louis.

*Ava`s P.O.V*

The boys are so nice and funny. We finished eating, and started to play truth or dare. "Truth or Dare Ava?" Louis asks me. "Hm.... maybe.. Truth!" I say. "Okay. Is it true that you like Harry?" He asks me, and smiles. "Yes."

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