In love with a celebrity <3

Nicole is a 16 year old Belieber who is bullied at school. Nicole's best friend named Stefanie and is as old as Nicole. She is a kind and caring person, but the other students see her as dorky and stupid. Nicole has a good handle on the newest fashion and knows what's hot but she is still bullied. What happens when she gets to meet her idol? Will they be friends? Will they get more than friends? Read and you'll see.. ;)


1. First chapter :)

The wind whistled lightly through my long blond hair when I went to the bus.

The school day had been hard and painful.

I got on the bus and sat in the back of the half-full bus. I rooted around in my bag until I found my headphones. I put them in the ears and put on "Be Alright" by Justin Bieber. Justin is my biggest idol and when my days have been tough I put on "Be Alright" and everything feels better.

When my bus stop came, I jumped off the bus and walked down along the street until I reached my house. I unlocked the door and stepped in, kicked off my my purple supras and hung up my leather jacket. Then I ran up the stairs and into my room full of Justin Bieber posters that covered three of the walls. I took out my Mac computer and laid down on the bed to checkif the ticket gates to Justin's concert was open and it was. I clicked on the "meat and Great" and it came up with two tickets left. I clicked on the purchase, hit up my mom's account details and then the was mine. I was jumping around all over the house and when my energy ran out I lay on the bed and called my mother to tell her the news. She was really happy for me and said it was all right I borrowed money from her. Then I called my best friend:

- Hey, you can not believe what we're doing, I told her, With tears of joy that fell down from my eyes.

- What, please tell me Nicole, Stefanie replied anxiously.

- We will meet Justin Bieber, I bought tickets for just a few minutes ago, I shouted happily in the phone. 

- You're kidding? Is Meat and Great?, Stefanie screamed back.

- I'm not joking. The concert is in 2 days.

- Aaaaah, was the only words Stefanie got out.

- I must go now. See you tomorrow, I said with even more joyful tears that streamed down my cheeks.

- Okay, goodbye, you're the best Nicole, she replied before she ended the phone cal.

I went on Twitter and wrote:

@justinbieber I'll see you in 2 days. I can not Believe I have meat and Great <3 <3: *

After that I went in on instagram and took a picture of me with your printed ticket and wrote the same thing I posted on Twitter. after 10 minutes my phone did a noise and it said:

@NicoleLovesBieber I'm so exited to see you to Nicole. I love you <3 <3

It was from Justin. My jaw dropped to the floor. Justin RT and responded to my tweet. It was not true. This must be a dream. I took a screenshot and laid out the picture on twitter and instagram, and wrote: @justinbieber OMB OMB OMB Am I dreaming right now? :O:O 

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