Ice Heart

Expectations, decisions, reputations to live up to and manual labour
that's all Kai's life is made up of. But, that winter, when he meets Myst in the forest will passion be to much for their instant bond, will it even be enough to destroy it?...


2. Myst


He stood there, almost as if he knew where I was, hidden behind a tall oak. I peered around the trunk as he approached, scanning the area for what I supposed was timber. He dragged behind him an ancient cart that held a large axe, a snow-white shire horse  beside him straining with effort.


The boy, on the other hand, looked tired. A jaunty-angled cap covered a little of his scruffy black hair and a scarf hung limply from his neck.


He was handsome all right, dashing, but looked somehow so lost, as if he didn't want to be there, his life taking a turn. Sympathy flooded my insides, I felt his fear, his anxiety, his plea for something, something so strong. A feeling, a life, a new road to travel. Burning for this, I stepped out from my hiding place, my gaze piercing his very soul, forcing him to tell me that I could help.

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