Ice Heart

Expectations, decisions, reputations to live up to and manual labour
that's all Kai's life is made up of. But, that winter, when he meets Myst in the forest will passion be to much for their instant bond, will it even be enough to destroy it?...


3. Kai


She was staring at me, staring as if she was trying to get something out of me. A weakness? A look? She stepped towards me then, her feet crunching in the white fairy dust. She reached out to touch my hand, looking up at me with deep meaning.

Ice suddenly shot through my veins, her eyes stabbing, penetrating my heart with... a memory. A breeze rushed through my hair, showing me, whispering to me her past...

"Everyone is unique. Like snowflakes, each one with a different crystallized pattern, of glimmering frost. A steely silver or pearly white, thin and delicate or curled and spindly. Different. There is more to discover out there than meets the eye."



“Hey! Bookworm!” A snowball came from no where and hit the brick wall. No one answered. Just a pair of legs swung causally from underneath a large, volume with FAIRY TALES in peeling, gold print on the front cover. She swaggered over, in her ridiculously high, spike heeled boots and pulled down the leathery cover. She stared at me.

“Loopy Lesley. A little, worthless, freak!” I bit my lip and tried to carry on reading, but she held onto the edge. “Don’t you try hide from me.” The book lowered to reveal a scrawny girl of thirteen. White blonde hair that fell down past my back, with pale skin and azure blue eyes. “What is it?” I whispered, hiding behind the pages, as if wishing to be sucked inside forever and never come back. “Nothing!” She grinned, laughing and throwing the words back in my thin, pale face. No one dared to mess with Chelsea Martin. Because, everyone knew that their reputations would go down the drain and she would, personally, make sure it happened! I gulped. She sneered. “Where are your friends then, Lesley?” I shrink under her stare. She put on a mock questioning face. Then slammed her hands down on the pages. “Go on then, just admit you don’t have any!” She shouted at me. “Say it! I want to hear it!” A ring broke the silence. Saved by the bell. Chelsea peered over her shoulder. “Come on, Chelsea! Lets go, she’s not worth it!” She sighed and gave in, running back over to where her mate was waiting for her. Then she turned to face me. “Get you next time, you bloody freak!”  


 “Well just ignore them! It’s not a big deal.” Mum explained, that afternoon. She set my dinner down on the table. “They’ll be bored of all this in a bit. You’ll see.” I sighed. There was no use talking Mum about my worries. She would either give me some quick, advice or ignore it all together. I got up, cleared my plate and climbed the stairs to my room, thinking. I slumped miserably onto the bed, curled up small and shut my eyes tight. For a long time now I had longed for a life where I’d be able to fit in. It looked so wonderful to have friends, lots of girls my age would stroll past on the field, chatting happily about make up, and boys. “Why do I have to be the odd one out?” I closed my eyes. No one cared about me, not one single person. “I'm alone.”


 “But your not.” I sat up. “Who’s there?” The voice laughed. “You are special, you are the most gifted person on the planet.” “What? Gifted!”

 “Other people just don’t notice what you are. You were born to be singled out from everyone. You belong in the stars!” “Who are you?” I exclaimed. “Let me take you some where, where there are people like you.”

I thought. A light shone bright above me. “Join us…” The voice was fading! “What if I don’t want to come?”

“But, you do! Come with us and feel no pain…”

“No!” Crash! The window flew open and an icy wind blew my hair back, billowing out behind me. It swept me away with whispers of ice, hands of iron into the dark night leaving but a trail of white behind. Stolen by winter.


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