Ice Heart

Expectations, decisions, reputations to live up to and manual labour
that's all Kai's life is made up of. But, that winter, when he meets Myst in the forest will passion be to much for their instant bond, will it even be enough to destroy it?...


4. Ice Heart

Her eyes were striking, as blue as slithers of ice, her skin as white as the bright magical snow, her hair a waist-length wave of pearl, and her lips. Her lips holly-red, that I then dared to lean forward and kiss. She was cold. Colder than ice, her body skeletally frail, her ice heart seeming to melt at my touch.


But I knew it was all too good to last. I could see the flame in her eyes, the blue seeping away to become a mere watery blur. Her body was shrinking, warming, dripping in the cool morning. She was gone. A pool of water was in her place. Ice hearts are frail. Precious though they are, they can never survive the harshness of nature.


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