The Secret of Highway House

Highway House is a name that, if things had been different, every one of you would have heard of, every one of you would marvel at and every one of you would know the story of. Why there might even have been a Highway House day, or a Lizzie McMorely day! But you don't and there isn't, and this is why.

Lizzie McMorely, newly graduated from Oxford, is recruited to train as an assassin at Highway House. But when sent out on her first ever mission; the assassination of Adolf Hitler, several factors Lizzie hasn't been trained for come into play: luck, betrayal and love.


25. Epilogue

And that was the end of Highway House. It was attacked late one night by a group of German spies working in England. They put up a good fight, they were Highway House girls after all, but it was fruitless. Highway House was finished and its story died with it, for only those who had been there truly knew what that story was; the story of a heroine on an adventure, who had the misfortune to fall in love.

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