The Sequel to "Whispering Death". I hope you like it! (and the cover).


1. Endings

     That man came into my room at night, where I slept calmly and peacefully.  He intruded.  He attacked.  I had a right to defend myself.  He didn't have a right to kill me.  So I decided to return the favour.  I killed him too.

    He knew I was a Vampire.  He knew I was undead.  He knew too much.  Our species were in danger as long as he was alive.  What excuse would I need for eating his family.  The truth is, he was my excuse.

     His scream was louder than mine.  Vampires don't scream anyway.  We die calmly and peacefully, the same as we sleep.  The sword he killed me with was the sword on my wall.  I killed him with the sword on my wall, yet we both died at the same time.

     If you find his body, you will find my mine.  He was a Vampire too.  He was in my family.  I was him.

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