Holiday And Tour

Ellie, Rhianna, Emily and Sophie-Mae went to see one direction at the o2 arena. Rhianna, Emily and Sophie-Mae are 20 but Ellie is only 19. They had front row seats and backstage passes as they won a competition online. All of the boys were looking at the 4 girls the whole performance but little did they know that they were the 4 girls who won the competition. they went backstage and meet the boys. The boys were going off tour so they were going on holiday to the caribbean. They asked if they wanted to come too....


2. Love at 1st sight??

Sophie-Mae p.o.v~

I'm loving the performance so far but im wondering if its just me of if the boys are staring at us. " Emily, is it just me or are the boys staring at us??" Emily nodded. Okay im not imagining it so thats over. i feel like my voice is dead i've been scream and shouting and sing really loud. the performance was superb and now its ended so went to meet the boys backstage. we knocked on the door and there was a young irish lad who opened up. "oh hey, ummm... you must umm..  be......" zayn laughed "niall trust you" but then he walked over to  us and started at ellie. "hey gorgeous come in!" and he took hold of ellie's hand and brought her inside the dressing room. harry was looking at me and walked over to bring me in. Niall brought in Rhianna and Louis brought in emily. the boys were all single except for liam who was already in a relationship with a girl called Ella. we started to talk about the amazing performance. They all smiled and started to go red in the cheeks. They gave us their phone number and we were texting them the whole time we were with the boys. harry got a message from ellie saying *i really like zayn hes perfect :)* i saw and smiled and ellie, she went pink. i saw harry text zayn *hey what do u think of ellie?* zayn looked up at harry then looked at ellie. he smiled before replying *well, perfect, wish she liked me though shes the girl of my dreams* i looked at zayn then ellie. "they would be soo cute!!" i whispered to harry. he put his arm around me before forwarding the message zayn sent to me to ellie. she looked up at me her mouth wide open. she sent a message to zayn i think because he went red as a tomato. he whispered something in her ear and she came face to face with him before he pressured his lips onto hers. i smiled then realised Rhianna and Niall, and Emily and louis were doing the same. i just looking at my feet feeling left out. i heard someone whisper in my ear, "sophie-mae, Your stunning and very pretty, i know you don't feel the same but i like you loads, i think im in love with you" i turned to face him " i love you too i think" we leaned in before he kissed me passionately

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