Holiday And Tour

Ellie, Rhianna, Emily and Sophie-Mae went to see one direction at the o2 arena. Rhianna, Emily and Sophie-Mae are 20 but Ellie is only 19. They had front row seats and backstage passes as they won a competition online. All of the boys were looking at the 4 girls the whole performance but little did they know that they were the 4 girls who won the competition. they went backstage and meet the boys. The boys were going off tour so they were going on holiday to the caribbean. They asked if they wanted to come too....


1. Journey

Ellie p.o.v~

I Woke up to the sound of my phone going off. I looked to see who was calling, It was Sophie-Mae. "hello?" i said sleepily. "hey Ellie, today is the day can't wait!! we were so lucky to win the tickets and backstage passes ahhh!!! meet you and the others down the train station in half and hour??" well, Sophie-mae was excited as me! " yep sure see you then bye" i replied slowly getting out of bed. i hang up and walked across my bedroom to my shower. i left some clothes in there yesterday as i was trying to get the perfect outfit. i stood in the shower thinking about today. i got out and put on my skinny pale blue jeans, my t-shirt that said i <3 one direction and my pale purple hoodie. i dried my hair and curled it. i grabbed my phone and keys and walked out the flat. i locked the door and ran down the stairs. the train station was only down the road so i ran because i was running a little late. The train wasn't there yet but Sophie-Mae, Rhianna and Emily was. They all hugged me when i arrived and a few seconds later the train came. we got on and i was sitting next to Emily and opposite Sophie-Mae. We were listening to one direction the whole journey. when we arrived we got off the train and ran down to the arena. because we had vip passes we didn't have to que so we went through the backstage entrance. We walked to our seats and started to get our phones out so we could video the performance. then, the music came on...

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