xbox one

what we know about the xbox one may 2013.


1. xbox one

This is all the info about the xbox one in my words.


hello and welcome to this mouths info on the brand new xbox witch they have been doing a lot this mouth with showing  us what it will look lie and the price! BOO!!! Sadly the price at the minute is  599 POUNDS as shown on the amazon home page but it does say that it will go down in price for 2013 Christmas also the PS4 [xbox is at war with PS] is 599 POUNDS with the same idea as xbox.





I am not that shore of this but ps and xbox will race to get there console in the shops first so we may see it in the shops for the end of October!



The xbox will be 2 times as fast as the 360 and 2 times the price. To end this mouths talk I will say about the games witch at the min is 89.99 POUNDS witch is a lot for one game and call of duty ghost will be on the 360 but forza 5 may not!!! NNNNNOOOOOO as a fan of forza and having all the gaming I am sad coz of this.



                                                   see you next mouth for more!!! 

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