runway diaries

Mia green was just an average 15 year old girl. Until she was scouted by a top designer. she writes about the highs and low of the modeling world


2. shop and save

 The weekend her . thank goddness . No pushing . No Zara and no Math . Oh ya I forgot to metion I have decalcia and delexia. That just smashing isn,t it .More ammo for those dumboxes to hit me with. Grr I hate it .I hate me. but It's a long weekend ,it'll just be me and The Book Theif . As I got home  my mother had clothes all over the place .It 's happened ,she gone bonkers. Next stop nut house . Then care for me resulting in more torture. I glared at her ,she Glared at me. I said "Mum what are you doing?" . she picked up one of my vest to.. wait ,WHAT? My ripped jeans,my polo neck , my.. wardrobe! I looked down at her waiting for an answer that wasn,t " I hate you.You have three days to get out". She suddenly jumped up at me squealing " I,m taking you shopping for some new clothes". I smiled fakely "Great. When?". Nothing suits me .I despise it with the passion . She sqealed "Right now . Get in the car . Don,'t take your purse it,s all on me". I sighed ,walking depressingly to to car. What if there's a girl or boy from school. They'll laugh out loudly at me. IT took us about twenty minutes to get into the shopping centre. While Mum walked with her head held high ,I hide beind her ,head down not wanting to cause attention to myself . We walked into the shop and mum glared at me saying "keep your head up . your so pretty. please for me".Come on Mia , cop on. Your Mum choosing a brand new wardrobe just for you  and all you can do is wine like the little molerat you are..

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