runway diaries

Mia green was just an average 15 year old girl. Until she was scouted by a top designer. she writes about the highs and low of the modeling world


1. plan old Mia green

Hi. (I'm not gonna start of with dear diary.please )

My name is Mia Green. I have dark brown hair and love my dog spot.Mum just bought this book. I love those little treats. We live in a little cottage West Park . I 'm not as rich or as pretty as Zara Brown. Who's  Daddy  is the owner of an oil company. So the airhead can get what she wants. I know  I  should'nt say that but she's a bitch who will us everything against you to get what she wants. I heard that she would tell everyone that her best friend (Sandra Clones)  still slept with a teddy bear and a nightlight if she did'nt give up her boyfriend and crush Andrew Park. It's such a stupid rumour but in our school anything that's not in trend now is made fun of and off the school map.Like me! To be honest it's probaly because that I'm not as rich as the 'ELITE' crowd.They have Ralph Laren and Chanel while I have Hammydown's and clothes out of trend. See as my mum and dad are only getting by we have to be gratful for the things we have.


Today(sorry for rambeling on) was just a normal day at school. Busy crowds , teachers screeching their heads off and the 'ELITE' crowd. Over hearing them as Zara put in her own words "fantabuious" news. April(another of Zara friends) said "Like oh my gosh what?" Just then Zara snuck into her Prada bag and got out One Direction ticket's. Her two brianless friend screached and  Sandra shouted" I totally though those hot tickets were all sold out". Zara looked down but I knew from her cheser cat smile she loved the praise ."Well daddy called their manager and managed to get all 3 of us tickets and backstage passes."oh of chourse she'd play theDADDY card and buy two friend' who can't and two and two together". They sqealed in excitment and Zara glared over at me . I knew what was coming. A jad below the belt (well only if it was a Prada belt) comment. She shouted so much so I could hear her but that I would'nt be able to accuse her. She said "Well my father can afford to buy me nice things unlike SOME people's families who shop around in crap flee markets and shitty second hand shops. Can you believe some people well ANIMALS live like that!". They started giggling like stupid idoit's but out of all the nerds and loners I was the only on who could stand up to her. Mum say's she'''s intimdated by me. So I walked over to her and said "Actually, people like that have a good life. They are respected people  .Have a home. Fancy clotes and backstage passes don't give you through happiness!". T he just sniggered and Zara said to me"Oh but it helps. So get off pretending your better then me cause your not. Your not even better then shit! get that straight! I'm an alpha , the loner's who want to kill themselves well they should because there worthless are omega's and you well...PLAIN.Just plain old Mia GREEN. Let's go girls even the sight of her sickens me." The went off and left me jus bitten back the tears.I found it hard to concentrate in school and when I went home I just went to bed.Thincking .Adout maybe i am Plain old Mia green . Worth nothing!

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