Diary of Riley

Well uh....this story is about a the day to day ins and outs of a guy named Riley and how he deals with his mental and physical health issues. He lives with his partner Vor whom he loves most in the whole world and has his adopted sister and best friend by his side, together they help Riley to grow and survive life.


3. Housewife.

My fingers swept swiftly over the keyboard, typing up the draft piece. All my energy and focus went into research and putting that research into manageable, easy to read paragraphs but due to skilled practice and the intensity of my attention to it. I had finished it in a couple of hours, I sighed sending it off to the client. What was I going to do now......I peered at the clock, daring myself to look at the time. It was only 4pm. I couldn’t take this, so I stood and grabbed a hoodie out of the wash basket and pulled it on while juggling my mobile. I rung Leonie, I need a distraction and some soothing words, no one was better at that then Leonie although a after last time, I wasn’t sure if she would be able to handle it again.

To my surprise, she asked me to drop her cafe since she needed someone to cover for a sick employee.


Leonie was an incredible woman, she became a mother at the age of 21 now her daughter was six and through all that time she spent it building up her little haven, she owned a sweet cafe that she worked hard for. Her daughter Ariana, was probably one of the maturest kids I had ever met, the things she came out with made me laugh hysterically. I met Leonie when I was at a turbulent stage in my life and I tried to hit on her but she rejected me with her smart words. Then she helped me through a lot of issues and she always had something sage like to say, she did not mince words but that is part of why I respected her so much.

I stood at the entrance of my apartment, pondering if I should take my bike since I didn’t want to spend unnecessary time on the street. Yes I shall, I thought. I liked the way the wind blew in my hair and for a moment I imagined that no one else existed. It was a pleasant feeling. Leonie’s cafe was not too far and before I knew it I was skidding past her place.


“Le-On-IEEE ~” I sung as I entered the establishment, ignoring the stares I got from customers. The atmosphere was easy, just like the music that was softly playing in the background.

“Hey, Riley.” A tall chubby man smiled at me, beckoning me over to him. “Leonie has gone to pick up Ari. She told me to just sit you down with a coffee till she got here.”

I stared at him, trying to remember what his name was. He saw this and said “It’s, Robert.” Well not that I cared but this made me wonder how many times Leonie banned me from this place for my supposedly inappropriate outbursts, since this is the place I tended to wander to when I was either faded or high on some psychedelic. Poor Leonie.

“Oh....okay.” I nodded, settling down on the stool in front of him “In that case I will take a chill caramel frappy please.”

Robert’s thin lips grew into a bigger smile, which creeped me out and I turned away cursing myself for forgetting my ipod. I slipped my hood up and rested my head in my crossed arms.

A flip show of flashbacks blew through my mind as it usually did in these types of situations.

A loud thunk snapped me out of my daze and I looked up with a scowl, Robert was still smiling but he was talking to a customer this time. I brought my eyes level with the chocolatey liquid, searching for any foreign bodies as I did not trust this fella and at some point I probably did or said something horrid to him which just added to my paranoia. I was just about to return it when Leonie came through the door, looking quite flustered and red which was either was the result of the heat or Ariana asked another unanswerable question. It was probably Ariana’s fault because she had her serious face on, the one she put on when the grown ups refused to answer her melody of inquiries although it vanished when she saw me and she looked like a six year old again “Ryrie !” Ryrie was her nickname for me since she was three since she could never pronounce my or anyone’s name. I outstretched my arms as she ran towards me, dropping all her possessions in the process and I stood to catch then lifted her into the air.

“How’re you madame ?” I waved to Leonie, sitting back down while still holding Ari knowing that this would be some long explanation about her day and how someone irked her in some way. Every Time she used big words like “Perturbed” or “Troublesome” she raised her arms with an exaggerated sigh which made me laugh.

Once she was finished with her story, she patted my cheek and demanded to be set down as she had homework to be completed.

“Hey Leonie. How’ve things been ?” I chuckled, watching Ari flit off into her mother’s office, carrying her school bag “She’s grown like a weed !” My fingers curled around the cold drink and brought it to my lips before I remembered who made it then set it down again, my eyes squinting to thought of Robert doing something unsavoury to it.

“Yes.” She smiled so sweetly, like I could feel her love for her daughter which made me smile too “She’s always asking for you and Vor although she still calls him Thor haha.” I liked being with Leonie for one she was smaller then me, which I liked and she was just easy to be with, I figured it was due to her sudden motherhood which made her this way. She didn’t look twenty seven, like me she still looked like a teenager, which wasn’t always a bad thing because that meant many people underestimated her. When she was angry she was a scary little monster, not even I would mess with her.  Unlike me who looked weak and was weak through and through but I was a heavyweight in shit talking which I was quite proud of.

My time with Leonie seemed to go too quickly with me switching from playing with Ariana and taking orders. At five, Leonie said it was alright for me to leave as it was quieting down and she was going to take Ari home.


As I was leaving I realised that I was going home to an empty home, so I diverted my route. Outside was vile to me, especially without Vor it seemed like a busy, uncaring place full of rodents following the same pattern. I went to the same place Vor and I had been the day before, maybe by some miracle he would feel how much I missed him, I imagined that this spot somehow connected us. This time I didn’t bother with the layers of fabric, I just lay down on my back, my legs and arms in a star shape. I inhaled the scent of the grass, which made me sneeze and my eyes water but I didn’t care, I just dug my nails into the soft grass, ripping out daisies in the process. My mouth opened as if I were going to scream but nothing came out, just a small whimper. I pressed the heels of my hands into the socket of my eyes not realising I had just rubbed pollen into them, when I did I jumped up looking around for a water fountain through blurry vision.


I didn’t find a fountain so my eyes were intolerably itchy as I walked home, feeling absolutely miserable. Just as I was going through the front door, the house phone rang but I ignored it, heading straight to the bathroom. The cool liquid felt like magic on my eyes but the rest of my body still felt itchy and hot, so I figured a bath was needed. The thought of having a bath, being in that water, made me kind of horny. I just wished Vor was here.

“Oh well, just me and my hand tonight.”

I reached over the bath, turning on both taps, more cold than hot as I liked the water to be just lukewarm. Ring Ring. That phone again, I was about to tear it out of it’s socket. People annoyed me to no end. I picked up a flannel and wet it so I could press it to my irritated eyes.


“Hello ?” My voice was obviously agitated, whoever it was better say something pretty damn good.

“Riley ? What’s wrong ? Your phone is off.”

“Vor ? What...I..it probably died, I went to go see Leonie and Ariana” I pressed my lips together, feeling bad for ignoring the phone and making him worry.

“Oh okay, just get it charged and don’t do that again.” He chuckled obviously relieved.

“Yea, yea. How are things, do you know when you will be home ?” The flannel dabbed at my eyes, it felt horrid when they dried I felt like clawing them out.

“Mmm things are going great. The art is amazing and uh actually probably earlier than expected. We got most of it set up this morning. So yea, want me bring dinner ?”

A smile smacked onto my face “Oh no...I will cook. I am glad that everything is good.” My arms raised into the air as I celebrated in silence.

“Mhmm thanks. I will see you later then.”

“Yea, love you darling.”

“Love you too.”

My hand was shaking as I put the phone down. Why was I so excited, I did not know. Probably because I was so resigned to having a shit night alone.

I ran into the bathroom, stripping off in record time and splashed into the warm water instantly dunking my head under the surface. I could feel that I had a semi-hard on but I didn’t  touch it, I wanted Vor’s fingers to be the things that brought me to ecstasy.

I spent an hour meticulously scrubbing every inch of my body with the loafer, just ‘cause I’m a man, doesn’t mean that I can’t be smooth. By the time I was finished my  skin had a reddish tint to it like I had stayed in the sun a tad too long which would hopefully be gone when Vor get’s here.

This evening’s outfit of choice was of course pyjamas but I let my unruly red pile loose, I twisted the ends of my hair as I stared at myself in the mirror. I didn’t look too awful considering what a lame day I had, although the dark circles around my eyes refused to budge, my skin had calmed and settled into it’s nice tan complexion.


The perfumy smell of sauteed onions and thyme filled the room, I was proud of my meal, even though it was made entirely for Vor, I still admired the near perfect blend of flavours. I brought the wooden spoon to my mouth and blew on it, watching the small vapours fade into the air. My ears pricked, hearing a voice and begged that it Vor was on the phone and not some randomer . I waddled over to the where I had the ipod docked and pressed the small circular button to play the music. I felt like a 50’s housewife anticipating her husband’s return.


I exhaled slowly as he pushed through the door, using his back, he seemed to be carrying a box then I remembered; the surprise, but the thing that made me smile was his face. I grinned as he put the box on the floor but at that time I didn’t care about it, I just wanted to smooch his face off but he held his hand up to say, hold on “I searched for ever to find this, I hope you like it.” He

pushed the box over to me with his foot. I kneeled, prying the box open,  I half expected a puppy as I had been asking for one for like ever but Vor was never that predictable. I pulled off some of the styrofoam to reveal something that had a crafted steel plate on it, it was beautifully decorated whatever it was, I looked up at him with a raised eyebrow and he grinned as he inspected what was in the various pots of simmering food. My hand ran down the back of this contraption, it was smooth with little nodes which I suspected where the bolts, with my other hand on the front and sure I had a secure grip. I pulled it out, it was heavier than I thought it would be “Oh gee..” It was an antique typewriter, he got it because I was always complaining how expensive ink cartridges were and how they always ran out so fast. Absolutely stunning, my hands ran over it’s smooth edges, swirling my fingers amongst the flat iron decorations “Thank you.” I smiled up at him but he was too busy checking out the oven and waved a hand at me.


After I set the bulky typewriter beside my laptop, I whisked to Vor’s side to try and stop him from picking apart my painstakingly put together meal. I snatched the spoon from his hand and he held his finger over the mashed potatoes “Don’t.You.Dare.” My eyes squinted together but he just responded with a playful side smile, slowly his fingertips seeped into the soft cloud of mash, my mouth dropped but before I could retaliate, his hand wiped over my face, leaving a thick clump of potatoes  sitting on the bridge of my nose, eyelashes, cheek and lips. I couldn’t help but blink out of shock, his face showing no remorse only a fake copy of my own exasperation. My lips pursed and I could taste I had put a tad too much butter in the mash, this along with Vor’s sudden act of irrationality made me burst out laughing, my eyes watering from the mash that stuck to my eyelashes. I reached for the cooling gravy, my finger hooking on Vor’s dress shirt and he took his punishment like a man, closing his eyes as the warm liquid poured down his front. A snort erupted from both our throats, his shirt squished as I hugged him close and his hands came up to cup my cheeks, he licked my left eye then my nose then my mouth but his lips lingered against mine and as usual this was the action that set off the explosion that led to intense making out and then   but tonight, I wanted to prolong the pleasure.


I tilted my head to this side, breaking the slow kiss “Bathtime, I think.” My voice was a shaky whisper and with a peck on his lips I pulled away from him, our hands sliding over each other’s forearms, fingers circling around the wrist and then palms our palms slid over one another’s. This kind of contact was a silent pact to hurry back to the other, I simpered, turning away from him because I could feel my cheeks warm up with blood.

The bath; I ran hot because I knew that he liked it that way, when I was in with him it felt like a  sauna. My hand waded through the water, I could feel my happiness exuding out the top of my head, the image of that in my head made me laugh as I hummed a tune “Vor, it’s ready!” I pulled the shirt over my head, dropped it on the floor, my pants and underwear followed before I dipped my foot in the bath first to get used to the temperature then my body followed.
I could hear Vor moving around in the living space, he turned the music up so it could be heard from the bathroom and I smiled once again as he shuffled through the doorway. My head dunked under the water, it was pleasant and the room filled with sweet scents and tiny bubbles that floated aimlessly till it hit a solid object. I watched the world from the cloaked sheen of the water, till Vor’s face popped into view, he was already unclothed and I raised a hand beckoning him to come in but he said something which came out muffled so I rose, digging a finger into my ear.

“What did you just say ?”

“I’m going to get my camera, the way your hair looked just now, it was kind of brilliant. I have to capture it.” With that he walked into the bathroom, my eyes wandered over his butt, slightly disappointed that he still had his boxers on.


I laughed to myself as I played with the water like a child, waiting for Vor to come back. It was all but 2 minutes but one could have a wondrous time with some water and a wicked imagination like mine. The shutter of Vor’s camera made me look up, I smiled, doing a peace sign then remembered I was naked and covered up my privates. He  shook his head, motioning for me to lay back down so I did slowly opening my eyes so they could get used to the stinging water, taking a breath before submerging myself. Once my eyes flicked open, it was like a perfect representation of how I felt, all I could see was Vor. A smile played on my lips as he hovered over me, I wanted to reach up and pull him in with me but no doubt he’d be in a strop over his camera.

So I just played along until he was satisfied, moving with his hand gestures and waves of his fingers. He beckoned me to come closer to him so the lense of the camera was a few inches from my face, when I blinked the flash stunned my eyes for a few seconds as I tried to keep them open, when my vision returned the camera was replaced by Vor, his lips curled in a devious smile. That night was one of my most fondest, we both released our pent up tension that had been building up for days, the pain, the love, the stress. All of it was expressed through our love making, his lips on my neck and my bitten down nails trailing along his skin. The only thing I could say was “I love you.” as he stroked the hair from my face. It was pure bliss.


The sun seemed too bright the next morning, I turned away from the filtering light, into the dip of Vor’s collarbone.

“Mornin’” I could already hear the smile in his voice and I looked up to meet his lips for a kiss. Not just a simple peck either, it was the type of kiss that made you forget your own name. I knew if I didn’t put a stop to it, no one would get out of bed today. “Vor, Darling. As much I want to, I have stuff to get done today, as do you.” I clasped the side of the mattress to help myself up but my arm buckled, a dull aching pain telling me that was not a good idea “Ugh...I feel like I’ve just done some unnecessary exercise..”  This was usually the case on the night after Vor and I got together, all that tensing and tight grip had to take a toll on somewhere.

“Well, exercise, yes, Unnecessary, definitely not.”


The time up until midday was slow paced and easy, simple glances and strokes were all that was exchanged. I spent most of my time on the new typewriter but after awhile I figured it would be best to keep it’s use to my own works but for work I would use  the laptop because I could just email the file without hassle. At around twelve we both began to get hungry but we were both too lazy to cook “First world problems.” We both muttered as we sifted through the cupboards for something quick, I emerging with a cereal bar and a box of dried fruit and nuts, Vor had got the good stuff so he traded me half a packet of popcorn for my bars. Just as we got ready to go another round in the bed, someone rapped at the door. I planned on ignoring it but Vor as usual convinced me it may be something important.

I followed him to the door, hand in hand, hoping that whoever it was would get the picture and do one. It was like time slowed at that moment, when Vor opened the door. My mouth dropping as I turned to him.

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