All I want is YOU.

Jenna was finally going to get her big break. She was flying to L.A. to record her first album. What happens when she runs in to a curly haired guy that ruined her past. Will they fall in love again? or will he still be that PLAYER he has been all along. read and find out. BTW THIS STORY HAS MUCH MATURE CONTENT SO BE CAREFUL. ha idc what age you guys are im just warning you guys. ok now lets start this...<3...btw it wont let me put a picture in so the first chapter with have my pic that i want for it to be ok. k.


4. time for coffee.

"The way I love you.." i sang the last line of the song. "that was amazing!" Justin said getting out of seat and clapping his hands. I blushed and got out of the booth and sat in the chair between rob and Justin  Rob was fixing the volume and turned to me and said "Jenna that was so good, your vocals go so well with that song and Mac will be coming by tomorrow to be recording his part of the song. I'm recording a duet for my first single rob says if i do it that way more people will listen to it and sine Mac Miller is a big star he called him up and we met back in Florida where i used to live and wrote the song together. "I love how your music is very raw and could be listened by a younger and older audience, its very catchy. I love it." i just got up and gave him a big hug to thank him for working with me and doing this. Really if it wasn't for him I would still be drowning myself in poems/songs i wrote to get my feelings for harry and now i get to share it with the world. "ok round 2 which song?" rob asked "that one" i pointed at the sheet of paper that was slightly crumbled in my notebook. "Ok lets hit it." After I was done recording a bunch of song for the album Justin and I decided to go to a local coffee shop down the block. I feel like me and Justin really hit it off good. We got to the Starbucks and I ordered we ordered our coffees and picked a table to sit down at until they were made. "so tell me about yourself" Justin said while pulling the seat out for me and than taking a seat himself. "Well I was born in Florida but i moved to the UK when I was 7 because of my parents but than in the 10th grade my parents finally got us to move back to Florida and after that I really wanted to wright music and loved to perform in front of big crowds at my school so when I graduated my mom signed me up for a bunch of different record deals and thankfully rob found me and now I'm here" Justin looked so focused on me and i just had to ask "is something wrong?" "Ha no its just your so beautiful" I blushed so badly omg. "Aww Justin, Thank you your not too bad yourself you know." Justin was about to say something but got cut off by the girl who was bringing us our coffees. Justin was about to pay for me until i buzzed and said "no no Justin i got it you don't have to pay" "no babe I'll pay for you" ok no matter how freaking hot that was I'm really stubborn on when someone pays for me I just don't like it. i pushed his money back and I could tell the waitress was getting annoyed but just as i was about to give her the money I heard a familiar voice from the opposite side of the table say "i'll pay." Harry. The waitress didn't give me a chance to speak because she had other customers to deal with than stay and watch who will pay so she just took the money from Harry's hand and walked off. Justin gave me a confused look as Harry pulled up a chair and sat down at our table. "So Jenna not going to introduce your new friend here to me." Harry said gesturing to Justin. I gave him a disgusted look and sighed. "Justin this is Harry- harry styles." i said nonchalantly. "Hello mate" Harry said with a little wave. Uhh hey yeah your from one direction right?" Justin said awkwardly looking at me than harry. "Yes, and i know you as well Justin bieber right?" "so why did i have to introduce him to you if you already knew who he was?" i said still with the disgust i have for harry on my face and stupidity of the question in my voice. "i don't know" harry shrugged. "So how do you guys know each other?" "We met at my studio now can you leave us alone." I said in the nicest way i possibly could but it didn't come out polite in anyway. "Oh come on love lets not get that feisty, even though you know I love it." He said the last words in my ear and it made me melt. No Jenna you hate him no matter what. "Yo dude she said back off so back off." Justin said getting very annoyed. "No I don't think she wants me to go, do you." "no leave harry" I choked on  my words but i still got them out. Harry still stayed still. Justin's phone rang and I looked at him but Harry's gaze on me didn't leave. "Oh ok, yeah no i'll be there" Justin said as he hung up and looked at me. "I have to go but do you want me to drop you off at your hotel" Justin asked me getting up from his seat."Oh ya-"  "No its fine mate i'll take her home" Harry said to Justin interrupting me. Justin gave me a reassuring look and I just nodded at him because i was tired and didn't really want to have another argument. "Well here's my number call me when you can, Ok?" Justin said handing me his number. And I saw Harry's face flush in anger from the corner of my eye as i grabbed the little piece of paper from Justin's hand. "Will do." I said and got up and grabbed my bag off the ground and walked to the door.

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